Paradox - FABRICLIVE x Samurai Podcast

Paradox's career in and around the manipulation of breakbeats has been going strong for over 20 years. Having had his first music released back in 1990, he’s since amassed a back catalogue of 9 albums and 147 (count them) 12” singles on leading drum and bass labels including 4 Hero’s Reinforced, LTJ Bukem’s Good Looking, London Elektricity’s Hospital and Goldie’s Metalheadz. He nowadays runs his own imprints as the primary outlet for his tracks, with Paradox Music, Arctic Music and Esoteric each having a unique identity and focus. His production work has always seemed to be focused on the rawer elements of drum and bass and whilst often positioning himself as a little bit of an outsider, Paradox found time over the years write music for computer games and collaborate with incredible and respected musicians like Herbie Hancock and Bernie Worrell.

You can catch Paradox performing (completely) live at the debut Samurai Music takeover of Room Three, where he'll be bringing his trusty Amiga synths and a microphone to properly reconstruct tracks from his back catalogue and create brand new passages on the fly alongside sets from Lynx, Presha and Clarity. Ahead of the event he made us one of his trademark, fully presented podcasts that shine a worthy light on a) his selection b) his production and c) his hosting and toasting skills... Please note: the following is not a 'mix', it's a radio show made in promotion of the event.

Download: Paradox - Samurai x FABRICLIVE Podcast


01. Paradox - Drum Machine [Paradox Music]
02. Naibu - Certified [Scientific dub]
03. Paradox - Core Jungle [Paradox Music]
04. Gremlinz & Paragon - Oranda [dub]
05. Emery & Valentina Yaron - The Chance [Ambra dub]
06. ASC - Polemic [Samurai Red Seal]
07. Alaska & Robert Manos - Zeal [Arctic Music]

Catch Paradox performing live in Room Three on Friday 31st May.

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