Phatworld showcase their rave edged take on bassline for Tumble Audio

Anyone who has touched the electronic music underground in Sheffield will be more than aware of Off Me Nut Records. They have been driving their label and events in the city for nearly a decade bringing about a whole world of rave-edged wobble. Their sound is a real spirit lifter - edging on comedy along with fult tilt sound system music, it’s bassline taken to a brilliant extreme.

The label is helmed by Dankle & Tich (also part of Squire of Gothos) and they have an unquantifiable amount of productions under their belts. Their sets are always laced with exclusive edits and tracks which is just how they have approached this FABRICLIVE Promo Mix compiled to get us in the zone for their headline appearance in Room Three with Tumble Audio this September 14th.

Download: Phatworld FABRICLIVE x Tumble Audio Promo Mix


Friday 14th September

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