Pig&Dan introduce Odyssey

This weekend, we prepare to launch a revamped format for Sundays, with a string of crews and artists set to take over each weekend. The first night is hosted by Pig&Dan, who launch their new Odyssey series with a debut live performance in Room One. Described by the Spanish duo as “a true journey through styles” of techno, Odyssey will showcase various strains of club-focussed four four from Pig&Dan and selected guests. Ahead of the launch party with Diynamic artist HOSH, Wehbba and Scott Kemp this weekend, they sent us a mix to give us an idea of what to expect.

Download: Pig&Dan Odyssey Promo Mix

How and where was the mix recorded?

The mix was recorded using Traktor DJ, Model 1 Mixer, Logic X (limiting). We usually use 4 Pioneer CDJs when playing out, but as we’re currently touring South & North America this wasn’t an option.

Is there a theme to the mix?

The theme behind this mix is to show the diversity of music we will be playing throughout our Odyssey events at fabric.

Where did you source the records from?

Most of the tracks are unreleased records of our own, or tracks that are being released on our label Elevate. We always base our sets on our own music, as we feel it’s the only way to remain unique in the Internet world we live in today. Everyone has access to everything.

You’re debuting your new live set with us. Can you give us a hint of what this will entail?

We’ll be pushing the boundaries of our sound whilst keeping it all wrapped up under our Pig&Dan umbrella. It’s all about getting under your skin via hand played synth solos and live vocals. We’re on a mission to show new horizons musically, plus drop some more known tracks of ours from the past.

Can you let us know what to expect from Odyssey?

Odyssey is an event that is all about programming masters of each genre to play in a certain order. We want to create a true journey, or ‘Odyssey’, through styles that build up throughout the evening – starting off with deep house and ending with euphoric peak-time techno. As DJs we’re often faced with DJs that don’t know how to play at the time of the night they’re positioned in. We decided to challenge that with this concept, and give you the best of each genre building a crescendo of constantly interesting music from start to end.

Sunday 7th October

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