Raf Daddy - FABRICLIVE x Roska Presents Mix

The neatly monikered Raf Daddy is probably better known to the music buying public as one half of The 2 Bears, with Hot Chip’s Joe Goddard. An influential figure, he’s been a DJ in his own right for a long time, playing anywhere and everywherehe could before helping Toddla T gain recognition with his work on 1965 Records and Girls Music. This Friday Raf plays Room Two for Roska Presents and ahead of the show we caught up with him to shoot him a few Qs and grab this 40 minute mix.

Download: Raf Daddy - FABRICLIVE x Roska Presents Mix

Hey Raf. How/where are you?
How! I'm in a cab home from the airport, I've been in Ibiza greasing up the Judge on the beach at St. Antonio.

How did you get into promoting and DJing when you were younger?
Just by doing it really. I always liked playing records for friends and was mixing in my bedroom as a teenager. It seemed really difficult to get gigs so me and my pals just put on our own in any place that would let us.

You’ve worked at a few labels in your time, how did you get involved with it all in the first place?
A cousin of mine had a boyfriend who was working in the press office at Atlantic Records. I badgered him into letting me do my school work experience there when I was 15. I met a load of people then that I still know now. I was lucky to get that foot in the door.

You’d done a few remixes and bits beforehand but what inspired you to start The 2 Bears with Joe?
Joe and I had been pals for a while, we DJed together a lot at Greco-Roman raves in London. I got made redundant at the end of 2009 and while I was in between jobs I rang up Joe and asked if he was up for making some music. He was. I'm still in between jobs.

Did the reception the project got/gets exceed your expectations?
Yeah we’re delighted at how the whole thing has unfolded. I never expected to make an album at all, let alone one that troubled the charts.

What’s next for you? Are there plans to do another album?
We've made a small start already. We've a mix compilation for Defected coming out in the autumn. A load of gigs in the UK and around the world and then sessions for album 2 will get started properly. There'll be some new material in the first half of 2013 and the album will follow.

Can you tell us a bit about the mix you made for us?
I made it whilst heavy with cold and high on Day Nurse in one take on two CDJs. There's some soulful bits, some Latin bits, a new thing from Silkie on the Sounds Of The Cosmos label. The last track is Cajmere and Gene Farris brilliant tribute to Donna Summer. I was out of it when I made it so I hope it's alright.

Catch Raf in Room Two tonight.

Friday 13th July

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