Randall - Voodoo Magic 'Easter Eggstravagnza' 16.05.1995

In the context of a club, the notion of an ‘Old School Set’ could mean different things to different people depending on whose playing and when. I guess it can optimize a certain point in time for some people, like the first drum & bass tape I ever got passed in secondary school was probably the only drum & bass tape I listened to until I got to about 15. Back then it was fresh and new (to me, if not to the scene) and now, that is ‘old school’. The tape is a snapshot of what was happening then, albeit a poorly dubbed artefact. So when the idea of legendary junglist Randall (pictured) coming in to Room One to play an old school set for a Hessle Audio takeover got floated about the office, we were interested in exactly what period was the inspiration for the potential booking.

With someone like Randall, a DJ who’s played countless parties and illegal raves with residencies in numerous clubs and shows on pirate radio, it’s hard to pinpoint just exactly what resonated with the Hessle lads. Lucky for us then that Ben UFO has the archival mind he does. He delivered the precise recording that inspired him and he even provided the jpeg of the flyer the set was recorded at...

“I’m not sure what you’ve got,” Ben told us when we told him we’d located a Randall and GQ set from AWOL in 1994 that we could stream in promotion of the event, "but this set is responsible for the idea to book Randall - I must've listened to it at least 50 times"

Randall perfoms in Room One for Hessle Audio on Friday 3rd August.

Friday 3rd August

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