Rapture 4D steps in for Scotch Bonnet

Rapture 4D is something of a precocious talent: at just 19, he released his debut EP on the taste-making Astral Black label, and in the two years since, he’s forged his own path as a producer, DJ, and label boss in his own right. Through releases on the likes of Scotch Bonnet Records, and his fledgling imprint Plasma Abuse (which he co-runs with Gl00my), he has cultivated a bass-affected sound which brings a modern sheen to the sound of early dubstep and 8-bar grime. Filled with moody basslines, icy synth leads and scattergun snares, Rapture 4D’s discography is a collection of veritable dancefloor bangers. He has provided us with an hour-long mix ahead of his debut appearance in Farringdon this Friday, where he will be joining Scotch Bonnet’s Room Two takeover. Like his releases, it’s a confident statement, packing crystal-clear sound design, ample bass weight, and giddy, warming melodies.

Download: Rapture 4D FABRICLIVE x Scotch Bonnet Records Promo Mix


R@ – 2nite
Sorsari – If You Only
DJ Absurd – Pxris Lxvxmxn
Tarquin – You warrior
Pholo & Visene – Cherry
ONHELL – Intuition
Heatdeath1992 – SkyLynx
Poppzy English – Rapture Dub (Acapella)
Hi5ghost – J to Manhattan
Beznmixer – Quantum Leap (G#M) (양자 도약)
Soreab – Watchme (Benton Remix)
Rapture 4D – HypnoTown Mourge (Lil Nas x Billy Ray Cyrus x Trends x DJ Sinclair Mash-Up)
Trends – Hypnotize Part 2
Jd.Reid – Igloo B
Sumgii – Skanker
Rakjay – Checkmate
Snowy – Reddit (Rapture 4D Remix)
Blurred Signs, Kercha, Dub Killer – Casscades
Argo – Daredevil
Drone – Saphire
Modelle – Guava Dog (V2)
Benzmixer – SO-HEE (GM) (V3)
Abmanrah – Power Cell Skank
Joker – S Wave
Activated – You Don't Know Me
Pholo – Butterfly Noose
Crowell – Sick Mode
Audio Gutter – Home
gl00my – Road X
Vexxy – Night Shift (Jato Remix)
Inner – End Zone
Plasmae Abuse & Aæe – U (Devil Mix)
Koma – limoges hm v2

Friday 13th December

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