Razor Rekta - FABRICLIVE x Chestplate Mix

Light and dark, space and dread; they’re things of great importance to meditative dubstep music and, hailing from London’s Anti Social clique, Razor Rekta, is a DJ and producer whose relationship with the four elements has been cemented with this mix he made for us upcoming appearance at Chestplate’s debut Room Three takeover. His origins like deep with the garage days hosting his own show on Delight FM in 2002 which progressed into Rekta presenting guest shows on BBC 1xtra and various other radio stations such as the highly acclaimed Rinse FM.

Between 2009-2011 Rekta acted as one of the main figureheads behind the Anti Social tour and during this time showcased the sound throughout the UK and internationally at venues in Brazil, Singapore, Canada, Estonia, Croatia and Poland. The turn of the year has seen his own productions move out of the shadows with immediate support from DJs like Distance (who owns Chestplate), Mala and Youngsta and it looks like 2012 is set to be a substantial year for the artist’s forthcoming sounds – alot of which feature on this dubplate only mix that he’s made ahead of his set next Friday.

Download: Razor Rekta – FABRICLIVE x Chestplate Mix


1. J. Sparrow - Entrapment (Dub)
2. Razor Rekta - See'Soar (Dub)
3. Sleeper And District- Cobra (Dub)
4. Razor Rekta - Airborne (Dub)
5. Silkie - Birth (Dub)
6. Razor Rekta - Loko'Motiv (Dub)
7. Biome - Tension (Dub)
8. Razor Rekta - Aztek (Dub)
9. Killawatt And Thelem - Joom (Dub)
10. Razor Rekta - De'Velopment (Dub)
11. Cyrus And Distance - Titan (Dub)
12. Razor Rekta - Taurus (Dub)
13. Sleeper And District - The Risk (Dub)
14. Razor Rekta - Champion (Dub)
15. Distance - Cross The Line (Dub)
16. Razor Rekta - Ill'Ogical (Dub)
17. Vivek - Out Of Reach(Dub)
18. Razor Rekta - Greenlight (Dub)
19. Mala - Runway (Dub)
20. Razor Rekta - Willow (Dub)
21. Tunnidge - 2012 (Dub)
22. Razor Rekta - Reachers (Dub)
23. Dark Tantrums - Dank 7 (Dub)
24. Razor Rekta - Marina (Dub)
25. Kryptic Minds - The Talisman (Dub)
26. Jay 5ive And Kromestar - Deepest Fears (Dub)

Friday 24th February

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