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Tiefschwarz are renowned at our club for their gargantuan Room One sets, twisting and turning the crowd’s emotions with their melodic minimal techno and now their latest signing Re.You is standing by to receive the baton of prime time rocking with his recent alignment to Souvenir. 2010 was somewhat of a breakthrough year for the Berlin based producer, causing havoc with a collaboration with Rampa released on Keinemusik which soon led to becoming part of the Souvenir family. He’s got plenty more up his sleeve solo wise and also in collaboration with his brother Sante and Rampa, there are a lot of releases stacked up for the coming year.

Here we get to know Re.You through words and sound in anticipation of our grand January finale with Re.You joining Tiefschwarz, Tobias and Seuil in Room One whilst the Hypercolour crew take to Room Three and Slam, MMM and Terry Francis team up in Room Two.

DOWNLOAD:Re.You fabric Promo Mix.

When did you decide you wanted to be a DJ and make music?
I played basketball on a high level and after a knee injury my passion to music grew and I started experimenting with sounds. It was a smooth process.

Who’ve been your biggest musical influences?
DJ Premier.

How would you describe your production?
I was always interested in creating diverse forms of music, no matter of what musical genre they derive from. So I don't define my productions.

You’re breakthrough track was ‘Work,’ that you recorded with Rampa - released on Keinemusik last year, how did that come about?
Two years ago I produced together with my brother a remix for &Me's ‘F.I.R.’ on Keinemusik. I got to know Rampa through that and we decided to spend some time producing together. Resultant were some layouts for our tracks among them, ‘Work.’``

Then followed by a solo release on Souvenir, who you’re now signed to for bookings, can you tell us a bit more about what it’s like working with Tiefschwarz and what that means to you?
I enjoy working with Tiefschwarz and Souvenir is like a small family. I'm looking forward to what 2011 will bring with them.

2010 was a big year for Re.You, what was your personal highlight?
I spent great nights playing with the Keinemusik Crew at the Horst Club in Berlin X-Berg and I also enjoyed the Souvenir label nights very much. It’s all about family!

What’s in the studio, any favourite software/hardware?
I'm producing with Logic Pro 9 and I don't want to be advertising any particular brands - but I really like Native Instrument's FM8.

A few of these are collaborations with your brother Sante, what was it like working with him? Has music always been a big thing for both of you?
Yes - music has always been a big thing for both of us. We started out together with our third brother in the project Santé but split up in late 2009. Philipp then stayed under the alias of Santé and I started up my solo project as Re.You, but Last year Philipp and I released the track ‘B’ which was on heavy rotation - our collaborations still work out.

You’ve obviously got plenty of Re.You tracks ready to release as seen in your DJ sets - can you tell us when we can expect them to be released?
There are many upcoming releases scheduled. Here’s just a small peek: the next release is ‘Dance’ on the Souvenir Compilation ‘In The City’ in March and ‘Ghost’ is scheduled this spring/summer also on Souvenir Music. Furthermore, I'm working together with Rampa under the alias of "A Rampa & Re.You Thing" on our Album which will be released in autumn and we’re also getting a live set prepared.

For further information just stop by on my Facebook fanpage.

Saturday 29th January

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