Rising Star Maksy drops a mix for WYS!

It might be because he’s a millennial, but the Internet has had a lot to do with Irish producer Max ‘Maksy’ Mensenkampff’s success so far: within his first couple of releases he’d found his own niche, putting out the kind of dubby techno that YouTubers and Discogs nerds alike pine for.

His latest one was dropped (and repressed) on his new label Maksy, where he rolls through 2 cuts of atmospheric minimal you could imagine being played by Raresh.

Mensenkampff has also been playing in clubs increasingly over the last couple of years. A big factor in this has been vacating from Cork to London, a move that’s led to him appearing at some of the capital’s go-to underground spots this year. This Sunday he also makes his debut in Farringdon for WetYourSelf!, so he recorded a mix in anticipation.

Download: Maksy WYS! Promo Mix


Sunday 10th September

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