Roberto delivers a high-charged selection of four four cuts

We’re getting pretty excited for this Saturday, with a host of Farringdon favourites and regulars set to join us across both rooms of the dance. One of these artists is Room Two regular Roberto, founder of the London-based techno imprint Fossil Archive. This week he put together a high-charged techno mix for us ahead of his return to the space, before filling us in on his release plans for the coming few months.

Download: Roberto fabric Promo Mix

What have you been up to recently?

I recently built a new studio in my back garden, so I’ve been getting to grips with that and writing lots of new tracks. I’ve written a lot of solo stuff, but have also really enjoyed collaborating with the likes of Stephen Brown, Jamie Anderson and Robert Owens. I just remixed a track which came out on DJ 3000’s Motech label in Detroit, and I have an EP coming up on Rekids around June time.

Is there a theme to the mix?

I didn’t plan the mix, I just grabbed some records and hit record. It’s quite spontaneous. There’s not really a theme, but it starts quite deep and intensifies as it goes along.

Do you typically pack your bag for a gig in a more methodical way by comparison?

Before any gig I spend a long time organising my digital collection, as well as ordering records in my bag. I find everything tends to flow better when I get to the booth then, as I spend less time looking for the next thing to play.

Can you talk about your forthcoming plans for Fossil Archive?

I’ve just cut the next 12” which I’m aiming to release after the summer. Prior to his passing last year, Trevino (AKA Marcus Intalex) and me wrote some tracks together, so those tracks will be the next release on the label. He was a huge inspiration, and I feel honoured to have worked with him. It was super exciting to do, and it really felt like we were on to something. He will be sorely missed. Any profits from the release will be donated to his family or a charity of their choice.

When you’re not playing for us you’re often found here on Saturday nights – have there been any highlight sets for you over the last few months?

There have been so many! Seeing Jeff Mills do his thing in Room One was pretty special, but a recent highlight that sticks in my mind was seeing Craig Richards play on NYE. He really brought the party vibe to the floor and he did it in a way that only Craig can do. What a legend.

Saturday 19th May

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