Route 94 shares a mix featuring a batch of fresh unreleased material

We’re beyond excited to welcome Route 94 back to Farringdon tomorrow night. The London-born producer had a rapid rise to fame with the global hit My Love in 2013. His subsequent releases have showcased an impressive range of sub-genres within house and techno and unequivocally cemented his status as one of our favourite producers. In preparation for his Room One set, Route 94 has crafted a mix digging through his crates and dipping into a batch of fresh unreleased material (In his own words, it feels something like “opening up your wardrobe and all the clothes being brand new”.) Designed for the dancefloor, his session perfectly displays his expertise and deft skill behind the decks, something we’re amped to witness first-hand in Room One tomorrow night.

Download: Route 94 Forms Promo Mix

How did you approach the mix – did you have any idea of how you wanted it to sound?

For sure. I’m grateful to have played at fabric more than a handful of times now, and there’s a certain je ne sais quoi about stepping into the main room booth. I’ve been preparing a lot of music for this gig and decided to preview some of this in the mix. It’s fun to be able to dig deeper into my collection for certain shows.

What would you say differentiates this mix from the others you have done for fabric?

I’ve been very selective with my shows over the past 12 months whilst focusing on producing. In turn, this has allowed me to collect vast amounts of new music (I’ve even had to expanded my storage unit due to the amount of vinyl purchased). So this mix is kind of like opening up your wardrobe and all the clothes being brand new and then working your way through to see what does and doesn’t fit together.

Your music career first started as a dubstep producer, how did you find the process of switching to playing predominantly house and techno? Does dubstep still inform your music?

I was listening to house music from a young age, but when I started producing the influences around me were dubstep-orientated. Over time, I switched to house and it’ll be the bracket I continue under. Dubstep doesn’t have a direct influence on the sound, but the basis of production skills gained from this era do have an impact on how I approach pre-production.

You’ve only released a handful of EPs, yet they all have a completely different sound. Do you think you will ever focus on one particular style?

All of my current productions are house, and they do vary in style as I have strived to avoid being pigeonholed into an exact style. I think with my ever-changing studio set-up and additions of new hardware this is always going to reflect in my outputs. However, my label Routine Records will have a very distinct sound and the releases on this are all going to follow a particular style that I have honed into, but releases on other labels will differ.

Friday 5th July

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