Secondcity shows his floor-inclined house style

Rowan Harrington was always perfectly poised to make house music. Having spent the early years of his life in Chicago after relocating from the UK with his parents, the first time he heard any form of dance music was in the genre’s birthplace. After moving back to the UK to commit full-time to music, he famously broke through in 2014 with I Enter, a pure floor slammer that’s now one of Dirtybird’s most sought-after records. He’s since put out music on labels like Saved, DFTD and Relief, usually featuring the kind of heavy basslines and catchy vocals that can equally set festival stages alight and go viral. He makes a return to Forms alongside wAFF next Friday, and ahead of joining us, he sent over a mix pointed firmly towards the dancefloor.

Download: Secondcity Forms Promo Mix


Friday 5th April

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