Sepp Presents His WYS! Promo Mix

If you didn’t know where Teo Bajdechi was from originally, after hearing his music you’d more than likely be able to guess. One of Romania’s key emerging artists, he plays a minimalist strain of four four commonly found among the country’s flourishing DJs.

His main studio project is Uvar, the label he’s been running alongside Nu Zau since 2013. Fellow Romanian Nu Zau is a particularly close ally to Bajdechi – outside of their studio collaborations on Uvar, they’re also regularly found spinning together at parties like the adored Romanian festival Sunwaves.

With Bajdechi making an appearance in Room One this Sunday, he sent us a mix of typically lean grooves frequently championed by WetYourSelf!

Download: Sepp WetYourSelf! Promo Mix


Sunday 21st May

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