Shaun Reeves Shares A Fresh fabric x Visionquest Mix For 2016

When Shaun Reeves first founded Visionquest alongside Seth Troxler, Ryan Crosson and Lee Curtiss, the grouping of DJs were spending time in Europe's techno hub of Berlin, soaking on the influential community they found themselves immersed in while also drawing their primary influences from their home of Detroit. Since, Troxler has moved onto to focus on his many other labels but Crosson, Curtiss and Reeves have been keeping up Visionquest's strong reputation for imparting consciousness-expanding music on the world.

This year, Reeves has taken some time away from Berlin to return to the home of the States. That's not to say the musical pull of Europe is not still at the core of his DJing, as we find out in our catch up below it's talents from this side of the Atlantic that he is seeing big things for in the future. No doubt these sounds can be heard in the latest mix for the Visionquest figurehead as he shares the records that he finds himself drawing for the most in his sets, providing a perfect prelude to his next Room One session next Saturday (July 23rd).

Download: Shaun Reeves fabric x Visionquest Promo Mix

Summer is in full swing festival and party wise - if not weather wise here in the UK – how are you finding yours so far?
Shaun Reeves: This year has been a bit different for me. I have spent most of time time since May in the States, touring and hanging out. I'm also heading back there for most of August, I realized that I hadn’t spent enough time over there in during the warm months in recent years. I've had some really amazing experiences, a big highlight was going back home to Detroit for Movement Festival. It's great every year but for me personally, this one was probably my favorite year so far.

To talk about your latest with the label - are you happy with how Visionquest been progressing over the last year?
Yes, very happy! The last few releases include some of my top favorite tracks that we’ve ever put out. Trippy and charismatic music, particularly both of the recent remix EPs of Wareika (Vlad Caia, Mike Shannon & DeWalta & Egal 3).

What have you got coming up that you’re particularly excited about?
Quite a lot actually. I have a release coming out on Jonny White’s (Art Department) new vinyl only label called Sunday Money Music. I also have an EP with Tuccillo coming out soon on One Records with a remix from The Mole and I've got another 2 or 3 EPs lineup up for the rest of 2016 as well. I've always considered myself primarily a DJ but I’ve found a really good groove in the studio of late and it's nice to be building up some momentum release wise.

I have a few other ambitions at the moment, I don't want to pull the curtain back on all of it just yet but I can tell you that I’m launching a few new projects soon, including but not limited to, taking my collaborations with Tuccillo to another level by starting a self titled label to release the pile of tracks that we have built up as well as a live set eventually. There will also be a new series of events and parties, and also possibly another very small vinyl label just for friends featuring some collaborations that I’ve been sitting on and slowly finishing up lately.

Has the label A&R process lead you to discover any artists that you feel are coming up that we should be aware of?
Well yes, and I’m also spending many hours every day of the week searching for new sounds so there are always a few that are catching my ear. First of all there are a few Romanians who have been sending us demos that I've really enjoyed and that we will be releasing (Andu Simion, Vinyl Speed Adjust to name a couple).

As everyone knows by now there's an been explosion of well crafted underground producers coming out of there for a few years now as they have been holding down the particular aesthetics of dance music that I personally enjoy the most - long, trippy & thoughtful tracks. I'm happy that we are mingling with this scene more now and to be receiving this music.

Beyond that I'm really liking what the Tied Collective guys from Chicago are doing. Sakro from Mexico. It's really good to see my good friend Clovis starting to make the rounds he's a Great DJ, if you have the chance definitely check him out.

Can you fill us in on this mix for us, you have treated us to a few over the years but how have you approached this one?
I recorded the mix at home with 2 turntables, 2 CDJs and a mixer. Sometimes it's easy for me to over-think the recording of a podcast to the point of making it nearly impossible to even start on the thing. I tried to break that this time by simply gathering a few of my favorite records and tracks from what I’ve been playing recently that also fit the mood I had as I was about to record (last night at the 11th hour) then I just put a first track on and went for it. This is what happened and I sincerely hope you like it.

Saturday 23rd July

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