Sleeper - FABRICLIVE x Chestplate Mix

When talking about his Sleeper's DJ partner, District recently, we noted how he'd "become an integral part of the Chestplate outlook" and, obviously the same goes for his fellow Coventry resident, Sleeper. From the creeping sci fi monologue opening of this mixtape, it's evident that the two share a similar heavy weight, low end addled, rolling world view and that goes hand in hand with the speaker testing work Distance has been putting out on his Chestplate label since day one.

Performing here on Friday night, this 30 minute mix is yet another sterling example of a crew of producers keeping that heavy, immersive dread laden dubstep alive. There are tease points in the mix where Sleeper flirts with granular but colourful pad synthesizers but they’re so buried deep under the presence of the bass that they work more just as signifiers, heralding each different type of aural onslaught.

Catch Sleeper in Room Three this Friday.

Download: Sleeper - FABRICLIVE x Chestplate Mix


Friday 16th August

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