Steve Bug fabric Promo Mix

This Saturday we’re welcoming back one of our oldest friends, Steve Bug. Known to some of you as ‘The General’ and to the wider world as the boss of mega-acclaimed Poker Flat records, Bug’s been steering the imprint since its inception back in 1999. Having made its name in the belly of the minimal and tech house movements Poker Flat is more than that, it’s a label of many facets. Bug harnesses a passion for all shades of house, making a point to look back as well to the future for his label’s projects. Take last year’s ‘Forward To The Past’ compilation, a twelve track collection that invited artists like Deetron, Neville Watson, Snuff Crew and Redshape to indulge their personal affections for 90s house sounds, and then consider that against ‘Gunslingers and Greenhorns’ a compilation release specifically to showcase the work of artists who were new to the label.

It’s this variation in sound that makes Bug’s sets timeless and charismatic, something that discerning crowds all over the world demand and it’s something you can check for yourselves in his new and exclusive mix made to commemorate this performance where the General will be sharing the limelight with Craig Richards and Kate Simko.

DOWNLOAD: Steve Bug fabric Promo Mix


Saturday 28th April

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