Stinkahbell – FABRICLIVE x Roadblock Mix

Stinkahbell’s moniker can fool you. Yeah, the duo makes this heavy set kind of dubstep music, but there’s a potent character loaded in the work of Janset and Nutty P’s productions. Signed to Plastician’s Terrorhythm label - on which they just released their Film Noir EP today - they've got a real sense of humour that's evident in them referring to their tunes as ‘stinkers’ and in them continuing to make ridiculous tracks that drop harder than anything else out there (see their collaboration with Psy:Am and P Money’s OGz, the lovingly titled ‘Hot Poo’).

Ahead of their appearance in Room Three this Friday for DJ Cameo’s Roadblock, we asked the duo who met at Deal Real in 2006 to make us a mix; a short example of what they do that we could use to help draw attention to their upcoming set. They served up a 30 minute helping of meaty 140bpm music, that Janset’s emceed over. You can hear the giggles and the in joke laughter and the off mic patter that’s going on between them which serves to underline the previous point: Stinkahbell take the music they make seriously enough, but they’re having fun while their making it.

Download: Stinkahbell – FABRICLIVE x Roadblock Mix


1. Nutty P - King Of The Street [Instrumental]
2. Stinkahbell - Please Don'T Make Me Switch
3. Emalkay - Massive
4. Vodex + Mystry - Clueless
5. Skream - Raw Dogz
6. Mutated Mindz - Massacrer
7.Stinkahbell - Dangerous
8.Stinkahbell - Quick Bang
9.Stinkahbell - Dancehall Killah
10. Mr Soundz - Shock Out [Stinkahbell Remix]
11.Stinkahbell - A Zoners
12. Von D + Phephe - Set Me Free [Stinkahbell's Night Remix]
13. Swindle - Morocco
14. Stinkahbell - Astrology
15. Dream - This Isn't House
16. Mutated Mindz - Limb
17.Stinkahbell - Blanc Canvas [Vip]
18.Stinkahbell - Cypher
19. Stinkahbell + Mutated Mindz - Lolipop
20. Hurley - Illusion
21. Stinkahbell - Losing Tracks [Vip]

Catch Stinkahbell in Room Three on Friday.

Friday 14th September

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