Surgeon Bleep43 Podcast # 188

The repetitive beats and rhythms that oscillate, growl and breathe through our disco each weekend represent a dense musical history and a magical quality of artists behind it. As a true veteran of its techno sphere, Birmingham’s Surgeon (a.k.a. Anthony Child) has become an elemental part of our brickwork and with his fabric53 anything less than brilliant, we always look forward to his Farringdon return.

On 10th March, Surgeon will be bringing his pummelling industrial techno set to Room Two alongside Shifted and Terry Francis and as we brace ourselves to be pushed to all corners of the room, we've got his bleep43 podcast on play. Taken as a live recording from their ‘Volcano’ special in April last year, Surgeon mixes up Ronnie Hazelhurst, Harmonia, Azoto, King Tubby and an assortment of UK Bass and proper techno.

Take a deep breath because on the same night we've got Desolat's Martin Buttrich (live), Leftroom leader Matt Tolfrey, Laura Jones making her Room One debut and Louche doing their thing in Room Three.

DOWNLOAD: Bleep43 Podcast Surgeon 188


Saturday 10th March

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