The Others - FABRICLIVE x Dub Police Mix

The Others have been a staple part of defining the Dub Police sound since the early days. They may have shrunk from a production duo to a single entity a while back, but Alex Crawford is showing no external signs of creative lethargy, consistently working on and presenting music that helps keep the label on its upward trajectory. Appearing in Room One once again at this month’s installment of the Dub Police residency Crawford’s put together this promo mix to provide an up to date insight into the type of vibe you can expect from one of their events. Look out for the Rick Ross track just dropped casually in the middle of it all…

Download: The Others – FABRICLIVE x Dub Police Mix


1. The Others - The Way You Make Me (Dub Police)
<< Trolley Snatcha - The Future (Dub Police)
2. Subscape - Kick the Flow (Dub Police)
3. Benga & Joker - Piracy Invaders (Dub)
4. Breakage - Telepathy (Digital Soundboy)
<< Dismantle - Witch (Digital Soundboy)
5. Emalkay - Crusader (Dub Police)
6. Skream - Listenin' To The Records On My Wall (Tempa)
7. Rick Ross - B.M.F. (Blowin' Money Fast) (Def Jam)
8. Trolley Snatcha - Make My Whole World (Dub Police)
9. The Others - Bad Taste (Dub Police)
10. Dirty Dog - Murda (Dub Police)
<< Breakage - Hard - Feat Newham Generals & David Rodigan (Caspa & The Others - Dub Police Takeover Remix) (Digital Soundboy)
11. Skrillex, 12th Planet & Kill The Noise - Right On Time (Dub)
<< Dismantle - Warp (Digital Soundboy)
12. Caspa - Jungle Juice (Sub Soldiers)
13. Subscape - A Lot To Learn (Dub Police)
14. Reflekt - Need To Feel Loved (The Others Remix) (Dub)
15. Emalkay - The Line (Feat. Glen Boden) (Dub)

Friday 15th June

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