Three Metroline Limited Artists Outline Their Sound(s) For WYS!

Ahead of the upcoming Metroline Limited label showcase happening at WetYourSelf this Sunday, three of the label's artists have put together mixes exclusively. And whilst it might seem like a lot of musical information to take in all at once, what it will do - once you delve into the music - is provide you with the perfect frame of reference for what is coming this weekend. So, let us introduce you to the sound worlds of Metroline's co-bosses Phiorio and Octad and their signing Nami who will all bring their styles to EC1 this Sunday night.

Download: Phiorio - WetYourSelf Promo Mix

Download: Octad - WetYourSelf Promo Mix

Download: Nami - WetYourSelf Promo Mix


Sunday 28th February

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