Tone Of Arc fabric Promo Mix

Last week we spoke to No.19 co-founder Nitin to get a true insight into the Toronto-based label making its way for a Room One special this Saturday. In his education to us about the ethos of the label and the major players involved, he grabbed our attention and struck a chord with us on the striking talents of multi-instrumentalist Derrick Boyd aka Dead Seal, or as Nitin and the rest of us know him, Tone Of Arc.

The San Francisco producer is one of the newer artists to grace the label, with his appearance at Mexico's BPM festival in January being hailed as a radically unhinged performance of undulating vocals and bassline sting setting music tongues wagging for Tone Of Arc as the one to watch this year. Since then he’s gone on to release on No.19 with his partner/vocalist Zoe Presnick on the debut ‘Shaking The Sky EP’ and as Nitin told us recently, there’s some very exciting new projects on the way soon.

With influences coined as Depeche Mode, Caribou and David Bowie, Tone Of Arc is a relentless live performer and ahead of Saturday he's delivered us a brooding house and techno mix which you can download below.

DOWNLOAD: Tone Of Arc fabric Promo Mix


Saturday 22nd September

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