Transit Mafia - FABRICLIVE x Bukem In Session Mix

James Busby has one of those artist aliases that just sticks out on a flyer: Transit Mafia. Conjuring a unique image over his time his DJ name has littered a hell of a lot of posters and lineups too, with Busby being an integral part in co-founding and running the Detonate club night in Nottingham and Sheffield and him being a credible DJ in his own right. Playing this Friday for Bukem In Session in Room Two we caught up with Busby to snag a neat promo mix and find out a little more about what he’s up to at the moment.

Stream: Transit Mafia – FABRICLIVE x Bukem In Session Mix

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For those who may not be acquainted with you and what you do, can you introduce yourself?
I'm Transit Mafia and I’m a DJ and the co-founder of Detonate, a d&b/bass music event in Nottingham and Sheffield. Over the last decade or so I've been lucky enough to DJ all over the place – mostly within the UK but I've managed to play across a lot of Europe and beyond. fabric is always a big highlight for me when it comes around though.

What have you been working on recently? How’s Detonate doing? Have you seen an influx in attendance? Any massive summer jams planned?
Detonate's going really well. This year’s Detonate Indoor Festival was the best one we've done I think. Summer isn't too busy in the cities we do so we're gearing up for a run of big autumn events at the moment. I’m looking forward to the Detonate Boat Party at Outlook festival though…

How did you get involved with d&b in the first place?
It was the early Good Looking and Metalheadz stuff which first got me into d&b. I started playing drum & bass out and a year or so later started Detonate with a friend. 13 years on we're doing more parties than ever. Over the years I've done a few other d&b related things like working for D&B Arena for a few years and managing Shogun Audio for a while.

How would you describe the music you DJ? I know it’s hard to define but do you have a preference to a particular style?
I try to play quality drum & bass across the board, whether it be new or old. It tends to be deeper end of the music which finds its way into my sets. I try to keep it rolling and dancefloor focused throughout though.

Similarly, ahead of your set here at the end of the month, when you'll be joining Bukem in Room 2, what can we expect from the night?
Good vibes. The sound set up is always spot on for Bukem's nights, and the crowd are always up for hearing different stuff. I’m looking forward to hearing Spectrasoul – their new album is some of the best music around at the moment.

Catch Transit Mafia in Room Two on Friday night.

Friday 29th June

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