Vandera - Bukem In Session Mix

During the day Vandera might be a mild mannered scientist studying the effects of psychoactive medicines on the brain but by night the Dutch producer coops himself up in a completely different type of laboratory, creating and composing bass music which has surprisingly similar psychostimulant properties. Alongside labels like Echodub, LTJ Bukem’s seemingly tuned himself into Vandera’s frequency too, recruiting him to release tracks like ‘Anandamide’ on his goodlooking label.

Bukem’s also lined Vandera up for his debut set here at the club at the end of the month when Bukem In Session returns to Room Two so ahead of the event we asked Vandera to drop us a mixtape that outlines the way he plays and the types of styles we can expect from his set. This is what he delivered...

Download: Vandera - Bukem In Session Mix


01 Andrezz & DJ Chap - So Many Days [Liquid V]
>> Emperor - She Said [Critical]
02 Flowrian - Wait For Me [Good Looking Records]
03 Rowpieces - Hold On [Celsius Records]
04 Technimatic - Vermillion (Random Movement Remix) [Rubik Records]
05 Passive - Fall Lines [Soul Deep Recordings]
06 Jaybee feat. Blak - I'll Make It Better [Soul Deep Recordings]
07 dRamatic & dbAudio - Fractual Harmony [Good Looking Records]
08 Furney - Singo Moto [Good Looking Records]
09 Dynamic feat. MsDos - Highway Patrol [Good Looking Records]
10 Random Movement - Down Somehow [Innerground]
11 Jamiroquai - Too Young To Die (Rowpieces Remix) [Free]
12 Rowpieces - Stroke of Genius [Jazzsticks]
>> Vandera - India Joya [Free]
13 Arp-1 - African Call [Telluric]
14 Andrezz - Resistance (Tough at the Top Mix) [Liquid V]
15 Merce - No Destination [Interactive]
>> Adam F - Metropolis [Metalheadz]
16 Actraiser - Voyager [Celsius]
17 Vandera - Solving Secrets [Influenza Media]
17 Nookie - Continental Drift [Good Looking Records]
18 S.T. Files & Response - Hard Times [Ingredients]
19 Vandera - Anandamide [Good Looking Records]


Friday 26th July

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