Voicedrone WYS! Promo Mix

This Sunday, Farringdon hosts one of the key figures of Georgia’s thriving techno movement as Voicedrone plays WYS! Currently based in London, the artist named Lasha Jorjoliani has spent several years at the heart of the capital’s music scene. Ahead of his Room One appearance this Sunday, WYS! tapped him up for a mix and interview.

Download: Voicedrone WYS! Promo Mix

Hi Lasha. You originally come from Georgia, when did you come to London and what made you move in the first place?

My first steps in DJing and production started in Georgia. I would save money every month to go to see international DJs playing in Tbilisi, the capital city. That’s actually how I learned to play records – by watching them! At the time, for me it was almost impossible to own CDJs or turntables to practice on. After graduating from Tbilisi’s State University where I studied Economic Relations, I decided to move to England. All of my favourite artists and bands were based here. It was such a difficult decision to leave my family and friends back home for a place where I didn’t know anyone or anything but music.

We love the mix you did for us! You told us it features lots of unreleased tracks from your Imprfct label, can you tell us what artists are involved in the upcoming releases and what the release schedule is?

Thank you. Yes, a few of the tracks written by myself and a talented Russian producer called Alexey Seliverstov are coming out on my label Imprfct later this year. We’re planning to do a label showcase somewhere in East London later this year, so very exciting stuff ahead.

You’ve just finished transforming an old warehouse in Canning Town into a stunning music venue and recording studio facility, can you tell us about your vision for the project?

The last six months have been super hectic, we’ve been converting this old printing warehouse into a 24-hour multi-purpose art space and music studios. I can't reveal any more details at this stage but there are definitely very exciting things ahead.

Sunday 15th July

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