Zero T - FABRICLIVE Promo Mix (Aug 2013)

Footprints Music boss, Zero T, always seems to comes and go as he pleases, but if there's one thing we've learned, it's that you can nigh on guarantee that when he pops his head back above water that he'll do it in style, with a hard drive full of new and interesting music. So ahead of his first date here in a little while, we asked T to collate the sorts of drum & bass that he'd been listening to into a mix that we could use to help push his set at the annual spectacle that is the Playaz Carnival Special. Luckily within his period of radio silence he's been stocking up on quality music as this mix showcases, with cuts from Om Unit & Sam Binga and our very own Houndstooth signing, House of Black Lanterns, sitting pretty in amongst a glut of his own material.

Catch Zero T in Room Two next Friday...

Download: Zero T - FABRICLIVE Promo Mix (Aug 2013)


1. Halogenix - Untitled
2. Zero T + Joe Seven - Late Night Movies
3. Zero T + Beta 2 - Election
4. Kolectiv - Dog Pad [Zero T Remix]
5. Fierce + Zero T - Back
6. Ulterior Motive - Lost Contact
7. Total Science - Lightweight [Zero T Remix]
8. Gerra + Stone - Tenfold
9. Zero T feat Steo - Close To See
10. Fierce + Zero T - One Away
11. Rregula - Lustre
12. Zero T + Beta 2 - Chestplate [NickBee Remix]
13. Rido - Back To The Future
14. Zero T feat Script - Guessing Games [Bailey Remix]
15. Zero T + Bailey - Wasp Factory [Fierce Remix]
16. House Of Black Laterns - You, Me, Metropolis
17. Halogenix - Atas
18. Om Unit + Sam Binga - Squares
19. Upbeats + Armani Reign - Again I [TC Remix]
20. Alix Perez feat Metropolis - Blueprint
21. Zero T + Khanage - Three Rolls of Film
22. Suspicious Stench feat Flowdan - Shutdown


Friday 23rd August

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