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Scott Garcia, Sticky & Double 99

London promoters Urban Nerds are bringing back three key components in the UK garage story on Friday the 6th July with Scott Garcia, Sticky and Double 99 (Ice Cream Records) all set to go back to back to back in Room Two.

It’s a booking that inspired us to ask all parties to interview each other, a feature that provides you with a little bit on insight into their upcoming projects and the resurgence of Ice Cream Records, the label that housed Double 99’s catalytic ‘Rip Groove’ – an underground smash that eventually charted in October of 1997. Scott Garcia is the producer behind the emphatic ‘It’s A London Ting’ which was pretty memorably dropped at the top of the London Eye when Hessle Audio soundtracked a pod for the Red Bull Music Academy takeover and Sticky is the guy behind ‘Boo’, the track that launched Ms Dynamite’s vocal career.

Separately they are three people who had a unique influence on the sprawl of UKG but together they’re kind of an unmissable spectacle. Scott Garcia, who’s hinted about his debut artist album, has provided a succinct half hour mix ahead of the date which notably features tracks from all three headliners as well as a 2012 edit of his classic ‘… London Thing.’

Download: Scott Garcia – FABRICLIVE x Urban Nerds Mix


1. Scott Garcia Ft. MC DT - Its A London Thing 2012 Re Edit
2. Double 99 - Rip Groove
3. Dub Monsters - Waiting
4. Sticky - Triplets 4
5. Kele Le Roc - My Love (Dub Mix)
6. Scott Garcia v DJ Luck & Shy Cookie - Poison
7. Genius - Waiting
8. Sticky - Keys Riddim
9. Genius Cru - Boom Selection
10. Scott Garcia Ft MC Neat - G.A.R.A.G.E.

Sticky vs. Scott Garcia:

Sticky: What got you into DJing?
Scott Garcia:I became interested in the whole rave scene around ‘88/’89 and was fascinated by the art of DJing and scratching. I bought an all in 1 DJ console and about 12 records from a friend and would sit there playing the same 12 tracks over and over again whilst learning which tracks went together.

What's your favorite club you have ever played in?
In the UK I would have to say Club Coloseum. In its heyday was always a special experience. As for overseas playing at Pacha in Ibiza was a definite career highlight!

What style of garage are you making at the moment?
All styles really, I’ve just signed a deal with Ice Cream and am currently writing album material, it’s my first album so I want it to represent all the styles of UKG that have influenced me as an artist

What is your favorite tune of 2012 so far?
Disclosure - Control. Such a tune!

How long have you been promoting events?
We Launched the Its A London Thing events in Feb 98' so just over 14 years now

Double 99 vs. Sticky:

Double 99: What was the first gig you played at?
Sticky: I played at my youth club in Thornton Heath. I was 14 years old

What music did you grow up listening to?
I was a record collector so I listened to all types of music, ranging from reggae and ska to 80s pop music and everything in between.

What is your biggest remix to date?
It’s a tossup between Heartless Crew ‘Why’ and Pay As You Go ‘Champagne Dance’.

If you could choose an artist to work with who would that be?
Ludacris He would sound sick on garage music.

What's coming from you this year?
Brand new music, my first album, and lots of gigs…

Scott Garcia vs. Omar from Double 99:

Scott Garcia: How long have u been playing/making music?
Omar from Double 99: I've been playing music for as far as I remember… I remember literally scratching my father's old 7" vinyl, and running for the hills when he found out!

Who is your biggest musical influence?
My biggest musical influence has to be my Dad, I grew up with classical music resonating around my home. My biggest musical inspiration has to be film scores like John Williams Star Wars, John Barry’s Diamonds Are Forever and Ennio Morricone's The Mission soundtracks… I could go on all day.

What are you currently working on in the studio?
I'm just back from recording Nas in a L.A, and building an arsenal of heavyweight material for Ice Cream Records.

Do you prefer DJing or producing?
They are two extreme, DJing perfect integration with often thousands of clubbers, and producing, perfect isolation, solo in a a studio filled with noise, but surrounded by silence.

If you weren't involved in the music industry what would u be doing?
I'd still be DJing all the time, making music at home and doing anything that meant being swallowed in a world of Apple Macs!

Catch Scott Garcia, Sticky and Doube 99 going back to back to back at the Urban Nerds hosted Room Two on Friday 6th July.

Friday 6th July

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