Bill Brewster Interviews... Pt. 2
Matthew Burgess & Jolyon Green

Matthew Burgess & Jolyon Green became part of the DJ History story down to their residency of Low Life – an infamous near 18 year strong underground party put on by Bill Brewster alongside fellow DJ Historian Frank Broughton. The story gets deeper as we find their match behind the decks was formed at the parties even going onto adopt the name for their b2b sets. With a combined record collection at 10,00 and counting you can tell by dipping into their recent compilation for Claremont56’s ‘Originals’ series which sees them blending between obscure rock, balearic, disco and classic house music, that they’re onto a winning vibe that has carried them through the test of time.

It’s now their turn to speak to Bill Brewster, ahead of DJ History in Room Three this weekend and build their own profile on our blog as well as tune into this recent mix for an audio teaser of what's in store.

Bill Brewster: How did you first meet?
Jolyon: I sold Matthew a disco record on eBay, we met for a drink to exchange the record, discovered a shared interest in all things disco related and started DJing together not long afterwards.
Matthew: a party called Low Life. The rest is (DJ) History

Bill Brewster:What’s it like always playing with a partner?
Jolyon: It’s good if you need a toilet break. And when your other half plays a great record and you play the one after, everyone thinks you played the earlier record, so you get double the kudos.
Matthew: Jolyon often basks in the glory of my rare Pet Shop Boys B-side collection. I find him very useful for rescuing dancefloors...

Bill Brewster:What are you most proud of?
Jolyon: Our compilation Originals 4 on Claremont56
Matthew: After my family and the speed of my fire button finger, I would have to add our involvement in Low Life. It gives me a warm glow of the sort that usually gets you forcibly ejected from public transport, so I’d better stop there.

Bill Brewster:Where were you when acid house hit? What impact did it have on you?
Jolyon: On the dancefloor - I started buying house records very early on, before the term ‘acid house’ was really even used. I lived up north and was only 17 in 1988 so I missed the London ‘Summer of Love’ but there was loads happening in the north around that time too.
Matthew: I was prancing around East Devon pretending to be Bono.

Bill Brewster: What’s the best party you’ve ever been to and why?
Jolyon: Any number of Low Life parties over the years - great music, great crowds, beautiful DJs.
Matthew: The best parties are ones where you get lost in music with those you love.

Bill Brewster: Who taught you to DJ? How did you learn?
Jolyon: Nobody, I taught myself to beat mix through hours/days/months/years of practice (believe it or not...)
Matthew: Don’t think I’ve actually finished DJ school yet....

Bill Brewster: What’s the best advice anybody’s ever given you?
Matthew: Don’t Stop Your Love (Booker T)
Jolyon: Mixing doesn’t matter, it’s all about the music - David Mancuso.

Bill Brewster: What makes a good party?
Jolyon: Open minds, a good soundsystem and a well-fuelled crowd of happy people who have come to dance.
Matthew: People who actually give a shit. Parties are important and need to be cared about.

Bill Brewster: Which record never leaves your box?
Jolyon: Tulio De Piscopo - Stop Bajon. The best Italian jazz pop record ever made.
Matthew: At the moment, Amanda Lear - Blood and Honey

Bill Brewster: Tell people who’ve never heard of Matthew & Jolyon what they can expect on Saturday evening?
Jolyon: Music for dancing
Matthew: Handsome fellows with beards

Bill Brewster:When you get to heaven what will be playing on God’s jukebox when you reach the Pearly Gates?
Jolyon: ELP - From the beginning
Matthew: Send In The Clowns

Saturday 11th August

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