Black Milk Takes Over HHC

With the emphasis of his new 'Marky & Friends' FABRICLIVE residency being on live performances, for his next takeover DJ Marky's roped in one of the livest names in hip hop at the moment - Detroit’s deeply captivating and magnetic rapper/producer Black Milk. As a producer, Black Milk is simply untouchable, giving hip hop a divine introduction to strange electronics: masterfully crafted drums and off-kilter beats get wrapped with swirling melodies, dense textures and psychedelic riffs. No doubt Black Milk’s unconventional sound and attitude will align harmoniously with Marky’s rebellious flair...a pairing of two unexpectedly kindred minds. Come check the chemistry on Friday, 17 July.

But before that, get edumacated - read more about Black Milk and his Motor City crew in the latest issue of HHC Digital:

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