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Outboxx - Hush House Mix #031

Bristol’s Outboxx, aka Jacob Martin and Matt Lambert, have been making the kind of chord driven house music that become something of a calling card of the city’s dancefloors of late. They’ve released records on Immerse, BRSTL, Well Rounded’s Housing Project and Idle Hands and they’re coming all the way up from the South West on the 7th September to take part in the debut Idle Hands takeover. They just contributed to Leed’s based blog, Hush House, providing the 31st mix in their series so we’d like you to listen to it and maybe come and catch them when they play Room Three in a few weeks’ time.

Download: Outboxx - Hush House Mix #031


01. Outboxx - Aporia [Idle Hands]
02. Crackazat - Book On The Beach [Futureboogie]
03. G-Transition - Morning Sequence [forthcoming Boe Recordings]
04. Maxamillion Dunbar - Lemon & Lime [Ramp Recordings]
05. Tony Allen - Moyege [Mark Ernestus Dub]
06. Theo Parrish - Nefarious Stranger [Sound Signature]
07. Pop & Eye - Being Boing [Editainment]
08. Andrés - Jazz Dance [La Vida]
09. James Mason - Nightgruv [Rush Hour]
10. Mr Beatnick - Beneath the Reef [Don't Be Afraid]
11. Outboxx - All The Right Moves [forthcoming Idle Hands]

Friday 7th September

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