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Some things in life are a given and Peverelist being one of those guys that you should check out every time he puts himself out there and releases something on his labels (Punch Drunk, Livity Sound, Dnuos Ytivil) is most definitely one of them. The same thing should be said of his mixes, which is why we're pointing you to the XLR8R's 298th Podcast. On it he further outlines his individual stylistic arc with a shockload of his productions sitting next to material from his core crew: Livity Sound co-bosses Kowton and Asusu, Manchester bubbler Alex Coulton and other Bristolian producers Kahn & Neek.

You can catch Pev doing this sort of thing live in Room One at Tectonic on Friday 21st June.

Download: Peverelist - XLR8R Podcast 298


01 Pev & Asusu "Surge" (Livity Sound)
02 Pev & Kowton "Raw Code" (Hessle Audio)
03 Asusu "Velez" (Livity Sound)
04 Pev & Hodge "Bells (System Mix)" (Punch Drunk)
05 Alex Coulton "Bounce (Pev Mix)" (dnouS ytiviL)
06 Alex Coulton "Pointe Noire" (dnouS ytiviL)
07 Pev & Kowton "End Point" (Livity Sound)
08 Pev "Aztec Chant" (Livity Sound)
09 Alex Coulton "War Games" (dnouS ytiviL)
10 Kowton "TFB" (All Caps)
11 Kahn & Neek "Backchat" (Hotline)
12 Alex Coulton "Too Much Talk (Tessela Mix)" (92 Points)
13 Elgato "Dunkel Jam" (Elgato)
14 Asusu "Rendering" (Livity Sound)
15 Rico 'This Day Dub" (Ghetto Rockers)


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