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Hedmuk presents: Rabit Vs. Parris - Keysound x FABRICLIVE Promo Mix

This Friday we open our doors to a league of musical masters. Legendary Brazilian selector DJ Marky invites down his current slew of favourite industry players including the insanely underrated DJ Spinna and pioneering London label Butterz prepares to slay Room Two with the likes of JME, Swindle and Ellijah & Skilliam all taking control. A seriously solid roster about to span our Farringdon haunt you might say but it’s the hosts of Room Three that has really got us undeniably hooked. Keysound have been a constant figure in the limelight of 2013 with Dusk & Blackdown's explorative A&R policy repeatedly coming up trumps and unleashing artists like Logos, Wen, Moleskin and Parris. With all that surge of talent comes a burgeoning producer, one who’s prominence stems from the other side of the Atlantic and the Houston based, Rabit is totemically forging ahead with his audacious waves of melodically charged grime music.

Ahead of his eagerly awaited set this weekend, he met up with fellow Keysound cohort Parris to record a super exclusive promo mix for our friends over at Manchester’s Hedmuk blog.

Download: Hedmuk presents: Rabit & Parris - FABRICLIVE Promo Mix


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