Catching up With...Alexi Delano and Listen to New Album Track 'Morphic Fields'

Alexi Delano’s recording career stretches back over 15 years, but it was just last year that he began releasing on longtime friend, Cari Lekebusch’s H-Productions label. Musically his house-come-techno sound has always leant more on the darker side, finding home previously on Tiga’s Turbo labeland Hawtin’s Plus8 imprint. His work today is a great match for Lekebusch’s inspired contemporary techno rollers that the label houses.

As much for us, as well as you, Delano’s track ‘Morphic Fields’ is exclusively available to stream below. It’s the wider world’s first hint as to what we can expect from his new album, The Art Of Collab - so named because the album is a collection of collaborations with friends mainly put together during times in New York. The track in question was actually co-penned by Ambivalent, another one of our Room Two guests this Saturday, so it’s doubly relevant to their performance in Room Two this Saturday.

You can look forward to hearing the album in full later on this year but for now read on to get a firsthand insight into what we can expect, how New York served both as a venue for the recording and as a source for the visual identity as well as a few revealing hints of other names featured on the project.

Last time you were at fabric you played with Cari Lekebusch for an H-Productions showcase. You’re now releasing an album on H-Productions later this year, what can you tell us about that concept?
In the beginning when Cari asked me if I wanted to make an album for H-Productions I didn't have a concept for the album in my mind. Usually I always like to work with a concept when I focus on making an album so I spent a long time, about 6 months, trying to find some special inspiration for this project but in the end the idea kind of found me. I was going through some old files in my studio and realised I had lots of unfinished tracks that I had made with producer friends when they have been travelling through New York. These were projects that I had started with people just as a fun thing to do while we were hanging out. There was so much cool stuff that I decided it would be a shame to not do something special with them and then it occurred to me that the answer to my album concept dilemma was staring me in the face. So the album is going to be a collaboration piece with lots of tracks I have made with my friends over the past few years but me myself probably wouldn't call it a proper studio album. For me it is more like a project than an album because it is all about me working with other producers rather than something more personal and all about just the music I have made on my own.

Well that sounds like a really interesting project. Which artists have you made tracks with for the album?
There are some collaborations that are finished right now and some that I am still working on as the album is not scheduled to be released until November but there are a few collaborations that I can mention right now. I have made a track with Camea from B-Pitch Control / Clink who I am playing at with fabric on Saturday; there is a track with Ambivalent who many people will know from his work on Minus; and also tracks made with some of my oldest friends such as Paco Osuna, Par Grindvik and Tim Xavier. Keep watching my news channels over the coming months for more information.

Already this year, we’ve hosted a few H-Productions album launch parties for Cari Lekebusch and The Advent and one of the thing we have noticed about all the projects is how unique the artwork has been. We have not seen your album artwork so can you tell us what you have planned?
Yeah, artwork is very important to Cari and me. Not just within the music we make but also as something we like to enjoy away from the studio so we have something special planned for sure. As this project was all about collaborations I wanted this artistic coming together to be reflected in the artwork too so I asked my friend Lisa Bauer, who is a really exciting artist from New York, if I could have her make the artwork for the album. I really like the sinister style that she brings to her art and she knows my music and that of many of the friends who I have collaborated with on the album so it felt very natural to have her involved in the project. I think the artwork is an integral piece of an album, especially when you are working with a concept, so it made total sense to put as much effort in to the sleeve art as the music itself. This is a special project for me and having an artist a respect a lot make the artwork is the perfect way to complete the project.

You have released most of your recent material on H-Productions. How would you describe what it is like being a key artist on the H-Productions roster?
I have been a friend of Cari since we were just starting out and I have been making music for his label since the very start so it was a very easy decision for me to work with his label, particularly for this album project. I love working with Cari because he always gives me all the time and space I need to work at my best. There is never any pressure or expectation. He just lets me get on with things and allows me to develop my ideas in my own way. Making music for H-Productions really is like releasing on my own label but all I have to worry about is the music and non of the really important but stressful stuff that comes with running a record label. This is a real big positive for me and a big part of why I always try to release as much as possible with Cari and his label.

Saturday 15th September

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