Catching Up With... Brett Johnson & his fabric Promo Mix

It’s been a while since we last heard from Dallas native, Brett Johnson, but as of late his main passion has proven to be his joint label venture, Bang The Box, which he manages with good friend, Lance DeSardi. It’s not only a platform for their own masterful house tricks but also for true and proven talents like John Tejada, The Mole and techno legend, Convextion. Naturally the label isn't the only thing that Brett's channelling his energies into, because this Saturday he’ll be returning to Room Three to lay down a DJ set of immense proportion within the intimate confines.

Ahead of the set we managed to catch up with Johnson to better figure where he's at in October of 2012. Read on for some fresh and influential words from the main himself and download his much anticipated promo mix which was "recorded live on 3 decks, no fx, no computer.... raw and from the heart.". To top it all off, the last track on the mix is a première of an exclusive remix from Mr Johnson; a work that's never been heard; until now...

Download: Brett Johnson - fabric Promo Mix

Hey Brett. Great to have you back. Can you tell us a favourite memory of playing here over the years?
Well, that is a bitter sweet memory actually. One of my favorite times playing at fabric was when I got to play in Room One. Great room, people and DJ setup. Bitter part of it is that my friend Kenny Hawkes died the night before and I was hoping to go see him when I got to the UK.

Who and what is inspiring you most as an artist right now?
There are so many people doing great work. I just discovered a producer named Fudge Fingas that has really got my attention. Its now 2012 and I've been following this music for more than 2 decades. So much has already been said and I feel artist like Gavin (his real name) is the way forward. Clever, electronic music fused with the melodies/vibe/spirit of the past. The messages are still the same, its just the delivery that is different. My partner in Bang The Box, Lance DeSardi, is another person people should take a look at. This guy is and has been making serious dance music for years. Luke Solomon, is also someone I see pushing himself and his sound. I respect that a lot. Last, pretty much anyone who records for Rush Hour I'm into. Those guys/girls have their collective finger on the pulse of what is cool.

Speaking of Bang The Box. Can you tell us a bit more about who’s involved and what’s new and coming up that we should look out for?
This is what I'm most excited by these days... I run it with my good friend Lance DeSardi. The label is primarily a outlet for Lance and I's work. That being said we'd be crazy to not include some of our insanely talented friends at some point, so on occasion we open it up to them. Recent and upcoming releases include music by John Tejada, Dave Aju, Pillowtalk, JT Donaldson, Convextion, Tone of Arc, The Mole and King Kooba. People should lookout for our next release by yours truly called 'The Mission' featuring blinding remixes by techno/electro legend Convextion, aka E.R.P. aka Gerard Hanson, and Lance DeSardi.

We’ve heard on the grapevine you have a new release coming out on Visionquest and there’s a new album on the horizon. Can you tell us more?
Its true. I believe in October VQ will release an EP of mine called 'Move Power'. Its title track is a vocal project I did with longtime friend Andre Lewis aka Ellipsis. As far as the LP goes, it seems like I have been working on this forever. I had a baby girl last year so the LP had to get put on a back burner so I could focus on other things, sadly. That being said I'm now working like a machine and people should keep an ear out for it in the next year.

What’s the story behind the mix you’ve done for us?
This mix (like all of my mixes) is comprised of new music currently moving me with a splash of the past for good measure. Its always a pleasure to play for fabric so any chance I get to do something special for you guys I jump at it.

Finally, what is the best piece of music advice you’ve been given in your career?
Never been given too much advice but DJ Joshua aka Iz once told me to sleep and eat when I can. Damn straight.

Brett Johnson - fabric Promo Mix

1. Grand Corporation featuring Jeremy Glen - Wonder & Amazement (Deetron Vocal) - Classic Music
2. Grand Corporation featuring Jeremy Glen - Wonder & Amazement (Yosa Rough & Tough Mix) - Classic Music
3. Disco Nihilist - December 5th - Running Back
4. Mike Dunn - Dance You Mutha - Westbrook
5. Bubba & T-Bone - Modern Romance - Elevation Recordings
6. Juno 6 - Action 3 - Freude Am Tanzen
7. Kids In The Street - Keep on Turning - Stir 15
8. Chez Damier - You Ain't Dancing (BJ's synth tool) - KMS
9. Chez Damier - You Ain't Dancing (BJ's BrEdit) - KMS
10. Franck Roger & Mandel Turner - After All (Seuil Round Reshape Remix) - Real Tone
11. Lil Mark feat.Mikey Velazquez - Dirty_Hot (Instrumental Mix) - Homecoming Music
12. Mountain People - 10.1- Mountain
13. Janet Jackson - Go Deep (Maw mix/ BrEdit) - Virgin Records
14. James Johnston - Missed The Party - 4Lux Black
15. Quando Quango - Love Tempo (BrEdit) - Factory Records
16. Ronan Portela - Soulmates - Foundsound Records
17. Oliver Koletzki - Arrow And Bow (Oliver Koletzki Remix) - Stil Vor Talent
18. Formidable Force - Mind Games (Brett Johnson Unreleased Bass Dub) - 20/20 Vision
18. Formidable Force - Mind Games (Brett Johnson Main Remix) - 20/20 Vision
19. Unknown Switch/Solid Groove Remix
20. Dave Barker & Brett Johnson - Broken (Brett's Bang The Box Remix) - Homecoming Music

In Room Three this Saturday, Brett Johnson joins Simon Young and Terry Francis. For the full line-up check our event listings.

Saturday 6th October

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