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We've been truly blessed by the family of artists that have quite literally mixed their way through our blog this year, they've rocked us on so any levels and we've all got our best-loved picks. One that's raised to the top of the pile is Efdemin's fabric promo mix from January; when the Dial Records lynchpin, lead us into a weighty 75 minute journey of his world of deep techno and that 1999 classic track, DJ Boom "Kinda Kickin."

It's a mix we've been getting down to once again this week as Efdemin makes his return trip to Room Two this Saturday, next to Terry Francis and Swayzak presents SWZK, live. In the middle of his busy year mostly spent traveling, he took some time out to talk about the Dials Records art gallery, his connection to Perlon and his plans for a third artist album next year.

Hi Phillip. What has this year meant to you? What have been the highs and lows you’ve had to face?
Hi there. This is going to be a very easy question to answer: without a doubt the high of 2012 was finally moving into a new studio, which is perfect in every way: it’s quiet, it’s in a great neighbourhood in Berlin and--perhaps most importantly--there’s incredible Lebanese food right across the street. The low of 2012, however, has been travelling so much that I haven’t actually gotten to spend any time in the new studio, which has of course resulted in very little new music being made.

Talk us through your favourite DJ set from the year and why?
That honour goes to Don Williams, who played a mind-blowing mid-90’s Detroit techno set one Sunday morning at Berghain. I had just finished playing upstairs at Panoramabar and I sat down next to him in the booth on my own, intending only to stay for a few minutes. But the set was so good that I wound up not being able to leave for hours.

Who are the artists and labels currently inspiring you in their ability to follow their heart in music making?
DJ QU comes to mind instantly but in general all the psycho trippy outsider techno music being made right now is very inspiring. I can’t stop playing Kassian Troyer’s debut EP from earlier this year. And I’m very much looking forward to the upcoming release from RNDM on Dial.

Tell us about the last time you played in Farringdon earlier on this year and how you’re looking forward to returning next to Swayzak presents: SWZK (LIVE) in Room Two?
Last time I played at fabric there was already this really good vibe going on thanks to a superb live set from Skudge, during which they managed to heat up Room Two to the max. I then played a soulful two-and-a-half-hour techno set, which felt like 20 minutes and was over before I knew it. And ever since I’ve been looking forward to coming back.

We’ve also got Zip in Room One for his fabric67 album launch. Do you have some stories of seeing him in Berlin and vice versa that you can share with us? How has Perlon influenced you during your time living in Berlin?
Well, we don´t meet too often due to our hectic playing schedules, but I love to dance to his sets whenever I get the chance. Perlon’s influence on me is very strong and has been ever since the label started. I also produced a track for Portable’s last album on Perlon. And I’m good friends with Margeret Dygas and Tobias, so it’s safe to say the Perlon connection is a strong one somehow. Zip keeps up the good spirit since such a long time, he should be president.

Do you have plans to release a third album following the success of ‘Chicago’ in 2010?
There is a very concrete plan to release my third album sometime next year. Other than that, I don’t want to reveal any secrets, but I’m very excited about taking a break from playing and going back in the studio for a while to focus solely on making music and then getting lost in it.

What's it like sharing label ground with Lawrence, Roman Flügel and John Roberts at Dial HQ? In what ways do you enjoy hanging out together and keep the Dial message fired up?
It´s simply the best and that’s really just because the label consists of such a nice collection of people. And ever since Dial opened an art gallery last year in Berlin there’s been plenty of opportunities for everyone to see each other and hang out at the openings.

Where do you see Dial Records in five years’ time?
Now that Dial has ventured into non-musical territory with the art gallery I guess it’s only logical that the empire will keep expanding. With any luck the next venture will be a Yakitori restaurant run by Lawrence.

How much time do you spend on your vinyl-only label Naïf?
Not enough. Both Naif and my other label Lirum Larum are kind of on hold at the moment. But they’ll be back next year with some dirty gems!

What are your plans for New Years Eve? Do you have any new year’s resolutions you can share with us?
I won´t be going out this year. Instead I’ll invite friends over to my studio at Villa Massimo in Rome, where I currently have a residency, and we’ll cook and drink and dance into 2013.

Saturday 1st December

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