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As a follower for all things good in the land of house music – you can’t have failed to notice Tring born DJ and producer Huxely’s rise to prominence in recent months, right? Well, with podcasts in all the right places, favourable reviews for his bass driven moves into that deep beat territory, and A&R excellence forthcoming on his own Saints & Sonnets imprint, things look to keep on building for the rising talent over the coming months.

He’ll be back in Farringdon this coming Saturday joining Hypercolour in Room Three for their next takeover, with regular faces Alex Jones, Cedric Mason and Ste Roberts. We took the opportunity to catch up on what these changes in Huxley’s prosperity mean to him, what inspired him to turn his hand to running a label as well as giving us a peek into his own personal highlights from Hypercolour’s rich back catalogue.

You were last on the blog for WYS! Last year – it’s been a big 12 months for you since’s the success affected your day to day life?
I suppose the biggest change is that I'm away a lot more now than I was before. This unfortunately means I can't be in the studio as often, but in some ways that's good because when I do get to sit down to make something I have loads of ideas rattling around my head that I haven't had chance to work on yet. Apart from that though, not much really. Still enjoying it as long as it lasts.

How’s that live set coming along? We touched on it briefly in the last interview you’d just started looking into it with your laptop.. ?
Ahem.... well to be quite honest, it isn't. I decided that basically I’ll probably look to do that when I’ve had a chance to do an album. I don't think I’m quite ready for the live show yet. I probably need something more fluid to work with.

You’ve also started up your own label Saints & Sonnets what inspired that move?
I've been working with labels for a few years. I've done pretty much everything from the promo to the A&Ring etc, so it was kind of the natural step for me to move into running something that I could completely call my own. The addition of my partner, Jimmy Posters, was the last ingredient I needed really. Due to me being away or locked in the studio quite a bit lately he's really been the driving force.

What’s the label’s ethos? Can you tell us more about it and what you’ve got coming up please? ?
The ethos behind the label is more releasing music that me and jimmy are really into. I don't think I’ll be putting much of my own stuff on it for the foreseeable future. I get a lot more excited by other people's stuff than my own. Plus there's so much great stuff out there that we've been sent it seems stupid not to put it out. We've got a lot planned including artists like BLM, Matthew Burton, Ejeca, Mr G and loads of new artists that we've signed recently.

Are there any other projects you’d like to share with us? We hear news of a new mix CD coming out.. ?
Yeah, the next thing from me is my first mix compilation, for 1trax. The CD will be the third in the series after Matt Tolfrey and Subb-an. I'm pretty excited to see what kind of recently it'll get. I've seen some of the feedback and it's looking good, but because all I’ve done before this is tracks and a few podcasts it was a bit of a step away from what I’m use to. Other than this though I’ve been working on more music for Tsuba and Hypercolour and also have some projects going on for a few more labels, which are more garagey/bass music I suppose. To be honest I’m really looking forward to sitting down and making some new music. I've got some very interesting collaborations coming up that I think will be quite exciting too.

With 2012 already being a good one for you, what do you hope the rest of the year will hold? ?
Hopefully more of the same. I’m just trying to enjoy it as long as it lasts. The rest of the year, at the moment though, looks like more touring and working on music. Which is fine by me!

And finally, seeing as you’re playing with the Hypercolour crew at your next visit – can you share with us one of your personal highlights of their back catalogue (or more if you can’t just choose one.) ?

Probably Shenoda - Shots or Philippe Autuori - Redemption (Peace Division mix).

If we're to include glass table as well though I have to include Clapz II Dogz - The Rain

Photo by Katie Palmer

Huxley will be in Room Three this weekend.

Saturday 28th July

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