Catching Up With Jimpster + His Delusions Of Grandeur X fabric Mix

There's no shortage of real-deal house music on offer from Jamie Odell aka Jimpster , with much of the thinks owed to his Freerange Records label due to reach the ripe age of sixteen this year. From his seminal 1997 LP 'Messages From The Hub' sweeping through to his fifth studio album set to drop this May, his production and DJ style reflects his raw understanding of the old school as much as the new, recently channeling his passion to set up the versatile house force of Delusions Of Grandeur.

Drawing attention to the richly deserved talents in their release schedule so far to name a few is 6th Borough Project, Tornado Wallace and Session Victim - the German DJ pairing with a flair for jazz infused, soulful house sets and after dazzling us with their live show last summer they join Jimpster and Norm De Plume on 12th January to show Room Three why DOG is so on-point in a night of vinyl packaged DJ goodness.

Jimspter has put together some words on Delusions Of Grandeur, as well as detailing his future releases for 2013 and has expertly put together a Delusions showcase mix of older classics, as well as upcoming treats, featuring many of the regular DOG artists.

DOWNLOAD: Jimpster's Delusions Of Grandeur X fabric Mix

Hey Jamie – tell us about the last time you played in Room Three and some of the tracks you remember going down a storm?
I think the last time I played Room Three was over two years ago so I’m struggling to remember the big tracks but I’ve got a feeling Agoria’s Speech ft. Carl Craig went down rather well.

For those who are new to Delusions Of Grandeur – can you tell us why you started the label?
We started Delusions as an outlet for the slightly more leftfield music that didn’t quite fit on Freerange and also because we wanted a new and exciting label to create something different with and a blank canvas to get our teeth stuck into. With Freerange being 16 years old now it was important to Tom and I to prove to ourselves that we could create a fresh new imprint with a strong identity from scratch.

Can you pick a couple of your favourite releases on DOG and tell us why?
We love them all of course but if I had to pick a couple of recent favourites it would be this years Recloose EP because he is someone that we’ve wanted to work with for 15 years and we finally got the chance. Plus it’s an absolute killer record! Funny story is that we actually have a signed contract for a release from him from 1997 which for some reason never came to fruition until 2012! The 6th Borough LP entitled One Night IN The Borough would have to be my other choice because it’s our first album release on the label and it was so well received, especially the triple vinyl LP which we were surprised about.

You’re playing in Room Three with Session Victim & Norm De Plume who you’ve recently established on DOG. Can you tell us why you dig their deep/ disco house sound and how the two acts stand out for you?
Session Victim are two brilliant guys from Germany who I first discovered about 4 years ago from their No Friends EP on Real Soon and their sound and attitude just seems to fit right in with the Delusions vibe. They play a really good live set with bags of energy and plenty of live tweaking, bass playing and random elements which really make them stand out in terms of live dance music acts. Their music has a warmth and musicality but still remains super-raw and edgy something along the lines of a jazzier version of Soundstream I guess.

Norm De Plume is a London based DJ who also helps us with label stuff. He has had a couple of really nice releases on his own edits label called Plumage as well as a strong release on Kolour Limited and his vinyl heavy DJ sets represent the sound of Delusions perfectly.

We read that you’re working on a fifth studio LP for Freerange scheduled for release in May 2013. How have you started the project and as it’s your fifth which is a huge achievement - is there a new direction you want to go that you haven’t explored yet?

Actually, for the new LP I wanted to take a step away from my recent dancefloor orientated remixes and Jimpster singles and create something more in line with my previous albums - more downtempo, chilled out stuff that I got known for in the first place 15 years ago.

So it’s less about exploring new directions and more about a strong home-listening experience but maintaining a housey and electronic edge. A big part of the inspiration for the LP came from setting up more hardware keyboards and analogue drum machines, recording more stuff with mics and just trying to get away from doing everything inside the computer.

When you listen back to your debut LP - 'Messages From The Hub' (1997), what do you feel? Does it help you to realise your evolution as an artist?
I don’t listen to it! But on the odd occasion that I hear older stuff I’m always surprised at what a particular sound I seem to have and that even when I think I’ve really pushed myself to go in a new direction it still sounds like one of my tracks. I just can’t get away from myself!

Apart from your next album, what else are you looking forward to this year?
Musically speaking we’ve got some really strong releases coming up from the likes of Toby Tobias and Ben Sun on Delusions and Roberto Rodriguez and Tony Lionni on Freerange. 2013 will also see the release of the 10th and final Freerange Colour Series compilation which contains my favourite tracks of the year plus 4 killer exclusives from Suburb, Sai, Mark Hand and Bellavoid.

My Jimpster release called These Times has been remixed by Manuel Tur, Dixon and Kyodai who all turned in absolutely killer remixes and this will be out the weekend of the fabric party. Personally, 2013 will hold a certain milestone birthday for my label partner Tom and myself so we’re organising a long weekend of celebrations outside London for all our friends which should be a blast.

Finally, you’ve remixed a large array of artists from Bob Marley to Solomun and Kollektiv Turmstrasse. Are these all talents that you have supported from early on? Who else is really inspiring you today?
Ha ha! I like the idea of me supporting Bob Marley in his early days! Well I’ve always been a big fan of the Kollektiv Turmstrasse guys and Solomun and it’s important for me to respect the artist I’m remixing and only ever take on projects that I have a connection with. I’m constantly being blown away by new upcoming producers but if I have to name a few people currently inspiring me I’d say Jacob Korn, Kim Brown, Mano Le Tough, KiNK and Roman Flügel.

Saturday 12th January

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