Catching Up With...Luke Slater + His fabric Promo Mix

You should have all checked out Luke Slater’s latest Planetary Assault Systems long player ‘The Messenger’ by now, especially as we so helpfully shared previews of the album last week on the blog here. It doesn’t come much better than this - combining ethereal textures with music-to-move-your-feet-to techno we have been treated to a mix from the PAS man himself.

So tune in and read on to find out the techno power's thoughts on his latest album's reception and what’s in store at the album launch party here next weekend with Marcel Fengler and Shifted.

DOWNLOAD: Luke Slater fabric Promo Mix

PAS is 15 years strong, can you give us a brief history on the project?
P.A.S started in 1994,working with Peacefrog records in the UK,my philosophy behind P.A.S is to make music with depth that work on the floor and are recorded at the peak of creativity,never revisiting them after they are laid down,focusing on capturing the Feel of the moment which can never be programmed. I very much take influences from the way early songs used to be recorded in one take,hopefully capturing the vibe.

You celebrated the launch of your new album Messenger at Berghain - how did that go?
I was overwhelmed,impressed and loving it .The place was heaving and everyone was tuned in.It's great to feel that and see it.This energy, that's whats it's about

Shifted performed there - he’ll also be joining us for the UK launch here on the 19th - what was his set like and how did it compliment PAS?

Shifted - who's album is forthcoming next year on Mote-Evolver - played really well,he's got his own groove going and seems to work great with P.A.S. so we have some more shows coming up like this. Going into a live set after a DJ can be a fine art on both sides.

Marcel Fengler is also playing - what do you like about both these artists work in techno?
I'm a huge fan of Marcel's DJing, and fantastic we could add him to the line up as well for the London album launch party in room 2. It's also been great working with him on the Mote-Evolver side of things ,he really aspires to the original art of seamless mixes and slow building,it's a beautiful thing to behold,and I think Shifted really represents a new take on things coming from,ahem,another side of dance music.quite refreshing .

The Messenger’s been released on Ost Gut - the second for the label - how did that partnership come about?
I do have a long relationship with the club going back to doing one of the first live P.A.S shows back in the 90's at the old venire they had which nicely kept to the exact philosophy that Berghain has these days.All about the music.It's was pretty natural to home Planetary with Ostgut Ton,though I have also delved in to 7th Plain territory with the special Shut Up and Dance project they worked on a while back.

Can you tell us about how the album came together for you, are you happy with how it’s been received?
This one came easier than 'Temporary Suspension', a lot more relaxed and free in what could be I think. A very open minded state when I felt I could reach a little deeper with people on a listening level not just in a club situation. I was a little concerned at first 'Beauty in the Fear' might drive a few to this very dark place, when they couldn't feel the beauty but only the fear, but Heidy was paramount in confirming that track,being a bit of an enigma, as it touched her in a beautiful way and that nabbed it for me.actually it's turning out to be one the most enjoyed tracks.

I’m really happy people have taken to the album,there's a narrow channel of PAD(post album depression) that happens between finishing and album in the studio and it being out there.That’s now taken care of and really enjoy touring the new live show!

And finally, what next for Planetary Assault Systems? More touring or do you have some more music lined up and ready for release already?
Very much about the live show at the moment around DJ dates.First couple of new live dates have been an absolute blast! On the label tip, Mote-Evolver is releasing a special series of remix singles of Function 4,a P.A.S track from 2000. And I'm working on some interesting remixes right now too - it's all about the music.

Saturday 16th June

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