Catching Up With Nick Curly + His Special Audio Picks

When your 8Bit and Cecille Records chief, Nick Curly you're used to being hounded for your latest top ten chart or top tracks for the summer. Since we spoke to Nick this time last year , he's racked up releases on a hothouse of labels along with the lasting impression of his brand new album 'Between The Lines' and the soon to be released Kehakuma compilation - as part of his inaugural Ibiza institution. It comes as no surprise that house and techno heads want to dig through Curlys crate but to keep things interesting ahead of his return to Room One next Saturday night we decided to get some of his favourite audio picks with a difference. Backed by his words on a selection of the past years stand out memories, past releases, new album highlights and guilty pleasure listening - read on to get some real talk and tracks from Nick Curly.

Hi Nick. Tell us about the last time you played at the disco? Can you lay out some of the memorable tracks that sent the crowd in a frenzy?
Last time I played at fabric was exactly one year ago. I can remember this as it was on the Sonar Saturday. At first I thought it could be a bad date because of Sonar but in the end it was my best fabric gig so far: a really good vibe in Room One and the club was very busy. My favourite track I played on that night was ‘Sitting In The Sun’ by Derrick Carter – the crowd went mental.

Tell us about your anticipation for returning to Room One next Saturday. Can you tell us a track or two which you can’t wait to let loose on the soundsystem?
I can’t wait to come back to play Room One. A track that I definately wanna hear on the soundsystem is the beatless version of Uner’s ‘Lapan To’ track - out on my Cecille Records label. I might even go on the dance floor myself when I play this!

Can you fill our readers in on your past releases since we spoke Summer 2011?
My main concentration was on my album ‘Between The Lines’ that came out in March this year. I’ve also had an EP on Cocoon, one on 8Bit and another one on Cecille Records since we spoke in summer 2011.

If you had to call it, what's the best set you’ve played from year just gone?
Oh that’s difficult. I’ve had many great gigs this year, as I did my album tour, but some of the highlights have been the BPM Festival and Time Warp this year, where I played b2b with Mathias Kaden.

Tell us about the new album 'Between The Lines.' Can you pick a couple of standout tracks for us?
The album was released in March this year and is a very musical album – something to listen at home, or in the car. I worked a lot with real instruments and real singers. My favourite track is ‘Underground’ which will be remixed by Dennis Ferrer. Also, in the next month I will release three remix EP´s of the album where remixers include Kevin Saunderson, Uner, Kollektiv Turmstrasse, H2, Mathias Kaden, Guti and many more.

The Kehakuma compilation is soon to drop. Can you tell us a bit more about it?
I would say the whole mix represents what could happen on a Kehakuma night. CD 1 is a bit more techno, showcasing the sound of the discoteque and CD 2 represents the house sound of the legendary Space Terrace.

Finally, what’s your guilty pleasure to listen to in the summer time?
My guilty pleasure to listen to in the summer is ‘Gipsy Dejavu’ (Afefe Iku remix) from Osunlade.


Saturday 16th June

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