Catching Up With...Stacey Pullen + His fabric Promo Mix

The last time Stacey Pullen played for us a year ago in Room Two, he was looking at his watch, not because he was ready to stop but to see how long he could keep going. Following in the masterstroke stakes of his Detroit techno peers like Kevin Saunderson and Derrick May, who he regards as next-level inspiration in his extended sets - Stacey may be from the same school of Detroit hard knocks but he's in a calibre all his own. One of our favourite things to do in the disco is watch him be spontaneous, unpredictable and potentially explosive in mammoth sets, channelling an appreciation for the timeless sounds of Detroit techno old and new and no doubt he’ll be defying our expectations once again next Saturday night next to Terry Francis.

As ever, we love speaking to Stacey about his achievements past and present and you can read on for all the latest. To say we’re powerless to his new promo mix of pummelling and expertly contoured state-of-the-art techno doesn't even cut it. Get on the download here first and prepare to be rumbled out of your chair.

DOWNLOAD: Stacey Pullen fabric Promo Mix

Hey Stacey, great to have you back at the disco. The last few times you’ve played for us you’ve gone on to spin mammoth sets once stretching over the five hour mark. Can you tell us about your memories from these special nights?
Wow and it didn't even seem like I was playing that long. One thing I do remember was me looking at my watch not because I was ready to stop but to wonder how long can I keep going. I looked at Judy and she said don't worry, I run the show so keep going until I give you the word. Haha she didn't really say that but that's what I got when I looked at her. So I kept going.

What do you enjoy most about getting to play extended sets and who in your experience is a true purveyor of the afterhours and has blown even yourself away?
One thing I enjoy is that I get a chance to play a lot of tracks that I normally don't get a chance to play in 2-3hrs. Back in the day I use to love to hear Derrick May play extended sets because the 1st 2hrs of his sets were him just warming up then after he had calmed down he would really be into his groove. But now I have to say Marco Carola does it for me, mainly because of his knowledge of music he's been in it as long as I have.

We read in your biography you’ve recently been able to take advantage of new technologies and many of the tracks you play on a night are edits of what you’ve created while travelling to a gig during that day. Can you tell us more because we know you as a lover of vinyl also?
It's simple, being inspired by the moment keeps everything sounding & feeling fresh. I use the audio program Peak to do my edits because of its ease of use. Ripping vinyl and dumping it into Peak gives me the freedom to do all of this while sitting on a plane for hours at a time.

Hailing from Detroit, you must feel an incredibly strong connection to the city and we enjoyed watching this documentary with some of its greats as they speak frankly about the soul of Detroit.

Can you share your opinions with us on the topics the Detroiters discuss?
Well when you see documentaries like this all of the artist that are interviewed sound like one person and that's because we all come from the same school of hard knocks. We all think and feel each other in the same way. Our love for our city is forever strong. That’s why we still live there.

You recently released ‘Circus Act’ on your label, Blackflag Recordings along with a remix by Nic Fanciulli. Can you tell us more about the release?
I like to show my versatility when it comes to my productions, to test myself to see what I can create. Circus Act is a sample of one of my favourite tracks that I learned how to mix with and naturally I asked Nic to do a remix because he's the golden child.

As of now I have a remix that I just finished for Craig Pettigrew that's coming out on Saeed Younan's label. I’m working on some edits for Monique Musique; I also have my follow up from Circus Act called "Any Which Way" featuring a remix by Martin Buttrich.

How are you finding the management of Blackflag since its inception in 1998, what have been some of the biggest changes for you over the years?
When I first started Blackflag I only wanted to release my own productions sort of like Jeff Mills Axis Records but now with so many new and young producers, how can I say no to good demos.

What are you looking forward to most about the second half of this year both in your musical output and personal life?
Being the best that I can be without compromise.

Finally, can you tell us about the mix you’ve done for us?
I'm guilty of saying that it's too much music out in an over saturated market but on the other hand that's cool when you find really good music in the midst of it all and this mix is a representation of what I am feeling this week.

Joining the line up on Saturday 28th July is Craig Richards, Reboot & Robert Dietz present ‘No Hit Wonder’ and Taimur Agha in Room One and Hypercolour Records in Room Three.

Saturday 28th July

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