Catching Up With Trus'me and his Third Album, Treat Me Right

After first establishing himself as a genre hopping kind of DJ, Trus'me arrives in 2013 on a more firmly techno based axis. Whilst nothing particularly new to many, it’s a notion that’s long been evident in the list of producers Trus’me’s called upon to remix his music in the past, with people like Ben Klock, Norman Nodge and DVS1 reimagining his own productions. His new album, Treat Me Right - which is due out on his Prime Numbers imprint in February, is also a little reflective of this newer, darker keel and it apes the various colours and tones we’ve come to enjoy from his label that’s released music from Fudge Fingas, Linkwood, Nick Sinna and Motor City Drum Ensemble.

And, as if by some sort of talisman guided magic, the lineup that’s been organised to compliment his Treat Me Right album launch in Room Two next Saturday also reflects the wealth of styles on offer as Trevino, Nick Sinna and Conforce are all set to celebrate their styles whilst toasting Trus’me’s third album. Timed aptly with the release of audio excerpts of the forthcoming LP, we’ve caught up with the ‘anoligital’ (read on if you’re not sure what we mean by that) producer to talk through his musical background, plans for 2013 and what we can expect to experience here in Farringdon a week on Saturday.

Where are you at in the world now?
Over the past 3 years I've been spending time in Australia and Singapore, escaping the winter you could say. I needed that break to assess life and everything that comes with turning 30. I'm back in my hometown of Manchester currently but I always have itchy feet. For now it suits me best for my hunger of making new music which is currently like an addiction.

What was it that got you into the electronic music?
I came in via the hip hop route Tribe, Jay Dee etc which put me in touch with the likes of Amp Fiddler, Andres and Moodymann then eventually into the realm of Juan Atkins and Co. Detroit has a lot to answer for in Manchester - the locals refer to us as Detroit's Children as they hear the motor sound which is so prominent in our productions. Manchester is musically rich though you don't linger in one genre very long - the taste buds here are unique unlike anywhere else I have travelled thus far.

Then what led you to found your own label Prime Numbers – what for you defines the label?
The desire to do it my way - being in control of the art, design, concept, production and not only to release music when I want but to support like-minded artistes. The saying is true ‘if you want something done right, just do it yourself’.

And what do you have in the works for 2013 for the imprint?
There’s my new album, Treat Me Right, plus a Trus’me remix triple vinyl LP in collaboration with Carhatt W.I.P. Then new EPs with music from Adesse, Nick Sinna, Truss, Fred P and another various artists releases with past works from Linkwood, Discreet Unit and the gang.

You’re celebrating the release of Treat Me Right with us this month, your third album – did you have any specific aims or concepts for this release?
The first LP Working Nights was predominately an exploration into sampling but I did also work with several musicians. In The Red, my second album, was heavily concentrated on working with musicians with the likes of Amp Fiddler and Dam Funk. Treat Me Right was a journey away from these previous methods and was essentially me trapped away on my own with a bunch of gear with a more electro, house and techno approach.

Production wise – did you adopt any new techniques or modes for the album?
I wanted to keep the sound anoligital (analogue & digital) embracing new technologies but keeping the essence of that classic studio production feel. I had all the usual suspects - 909's Juno's, Pro One's and all that jazz but I tried to not restrain myself with only that and dived head first into the world of Spectrasonics and the quite unbelievable sound that is generated from the boys at Universal Audio. Like my label Prime Numbers my palette is wide so you will hear influences from minimal masters such as DBX, Baby Ford to Hurley, Drexcyia and of course Detroit.

Ben Klock, Marcel Dettmann, Terrence Dixon, Ryan Elliott, DVS1 & Vakula - that’s quite a list of remixers for the release – how did you come to decide you wanted these guys to be part of the project?
Don't forget Norman Nodge... [laughs] Yeah, this was a remix series in collaboration with Carhartt W.I.P which was released as a series of 12"s and now special edition 3x12" LP. I wanted to embrace a more techno sound to my previously more house orientated sounds. I like to think of them as more interpretations than as remixes, this way it is a much more pleasing result.

Finally, what are you bringing to Room Two for the launch? Aside from the album tracks what’re you currently spinning?
My love of the ever creative Thema Label, Modern Love, amongst all heaps of future Prime Number releases from Truss, Nick Sinna, Massimo Di Lena, Fred P and Adesse. In 2013 we have a real injection of new music. It's more a case of how can we release all this music than when. Expect a lot of upfront future music.

Trus'me will be launching Treat Me Right in Room Two on Saturday 12th January, for more info and tickets go here.

Saturday 12th January

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