Catching Up With Ulterior Motive (& their FABRICLIVE x Metalheadz Mix)

Ulterior Motive are a production duo we’ve got a hell of a lot of time for. They’ve graced us on more than one occasion with exclusive content and are the kind of purveyors of their craft that you need at the bleeding edge of drum & bass, pushing their music further and into undulating shapes. With a trio of releases coming up – the Versus EP which features collaborations with FD, Krakota, Hybris and Lenzman is imminent on Subtitiles, ‘Yeti’ is forthcoming on Symmetry and their remix of Future Cut and Jenna G’s classic ‘Obsession’ is being released as a limited edition one sided picture disc on Metalheadz at the end of October – we thought it was high time we hooked up and quizzed them on a few more things besides.

Considering that they’re also appearing on the 5th October for Metalheadz in Room Two it made perfect sense and to go the extra mile they made us another exclusive 30 minute mix to get your speakers invigorated on this Wednesday morning…

Download: Ulterior Motive – FABRICLIVE x Metalheadz Mix

Welcome back lads! What have you been up to of late? I see you just announced a run of 3 releases across 3 different labels… is that where your heads have been at lately?
Its actually a complete coincidence that the releases are all coming out in October, The ‘Obsession’ Remix and ‘Yeti’ have been finished for a while, but the EP on Subtitles has been our main focus for this summer as wanted to get things ready for an autumn release. We have also been doing some remixes and have written some more solo stuff that’s finished that we are currently testing out.

How do you find it working with numerous labels? Do you like the freedom of being able to place projects or is it just more a case of those labels signing the material they like?
Working with different labels has its benefits but having a home can equally be important, at the moment we are enjoying working with different people, we always write for the label rather than see who wants are tunes. It’s good to have direction and a goal to aim for and all labels have their own ethos. If we can merge our direction with theirs, the output will always be the best it can be.

Tell us about the Versus EP that’s forthcoming on Subtitles… It features you guys collaborating with 4 different artists (Hybris, FD, Lenzman, Krakota). Were these just sessions you had lying around or were they implicitly made for the release? What do you like about collaborating with other d&b artists?
The Versus EP came around after we had written ‘Bring Out’ with Hybris and we had be speaking with Lenzman about doing a tune for a while, as with Krakota and FD, so it just seemed right to do it as a project.

Working with other drum & bass artists is cool, we like to work with our friends as its fun to hang out but it would be nice to work with more people outside of drum and bass from a creative aspect. Sometimes drum & bass collaborations are too one dimensional and its hard to differentiate the inputs of the artists involved.

Your Metalheadz release is a remix of Future Cut and Jenna G’s ‘Obsession’ and it’s coming out on the label as a limited edition picture disc… How does it feel being able to work with a label like Metalheadz and produce products like that? I mean it must’ve been a pipe dream in the early days like…
Yeah… that one is was a shock to the system! It all came about after a drunken convocation with Chris Headz I had said to him “lets remix ‘Obsession’” then forgot about it. Two days later we received the parts in an email.

We are both really proud to have remixed it. I can remember buying it from the local record shop after collage. I would never would have thought we would be remixing it 10 years later...

You’re playing here for Headz on the 5th. What about their events excites you?
Metalheadz at fabric is always a good party the music and people are second to none the sound system in Room Two never fails to disappoint.

Tell us a little bit about the mix you’ve made for us…
This mix is a little 30 minute taster of what we like and what we are playing at the moment. We hope you all enjoy it.

Catch Ulterior Motive in Room Two on Friday 5th October.

Friday 5th October

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