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10 Years of Med School, As Selected By The Artists

As Hospital Records' experimental off shoot, Med School is one of electronic music's most exciting labels. Boasting a roster of both well versed and emerging producers, it's back catalogue reflects a kind of musicality that's hard to find elsewhere across the spectrum with the likes of Etherwood, Lung and Keeno releasing ethereal, melodic constructs as part of the label's flourishing output. This year it will have been ten years since the imprint was first coined and next month they'll be taking over Room Two to celebrate. To mark the occasion we reached out to some of the label's core members to see if they would flick through the Med School archives and pick out their favourite track.

Etherwood picks: Eleven8 'Colours Of Distance'

Etherwood: "This was the first track I heard from the New Blood 011 compilation. I love how melodic and stripped back it is and it really plays on the dynamics of guitar swells and atmospheric sampling. The whole track has a really haunting feel"

Keeno plumps for: Stray 'Frost'

Keeno: "'Frost' has got to be my go-to track for train journeys. There's something about this tune that just resonates with me. Perhaps it's the way the musical elements seem to blend perfectly whilst remaining independent or even the way it suits every mood and sitution. There's no trickery here, it's just a seriously well-crafted piece of music."

Frederic Robinson highlights: Helios 'First Dream Called Ocean (Stray Remix)'

Frederic Robinson: "This track was a huge inspiration for my early drum & bass productions. Calm, elegant, beautiful and genre-bending, I couldn't believe my ears when I first heard it and it's still a classic."

MC Ruthless chooses: Etherwood 'Disposition (feat. Rocky Nti)'

Ruthless: "I like the harmonies on the hook and the summery keys. The lyrics have a meaning and it's such a feel good tune."

Anile selects: CLS 'Black + White'

Anile: "Still one of my favourite tracks after all this time. I love the textures, movements and feeling. The breakdown before the drop really creates a sense of suspense, then that synth line layered with piano chords punching through nails it. A great track to drop out live as well as I do feel it holds a certain nostalgia for many people.!

London Elektricity opts for: Bop 'Song About My Dog'

London Elektricity: "'Song About My Dog' because it's about a pug called Booyaka. It was my ringtone for about two years and it's basically brilliant, beautiful and immense. It encapsulates everything I look for in a piece of music - to listen to, not to dance to."

Whiney singles out: Keeno 'Nocturne'

Whiney: "This is undoubtedly one of my favourite tracks not only from the Med School catalogue but from the whole scene in the past 5 years. From way back when Will sent me version one of the track, we had a feeling this was going to do well because of its uniqueness and refreshing take on d&b that had previously been seldom seen. The keys grab the listener's attention right from the get go are furthered with fantastic orchestration, setting the scene perfectly for the following five and a half minute journey."

Mullett tips: The Erised 'Pray'

Mullett: "Not drum & bass but a truly beautiful track, nonetheless. Signing 'The Erised', a 5 piece downbeat band from Ukraine, was a huge moment for Med School - it perfectly reflects the open minded, music driven ethos of the label and the track itself is absolutely stunning.

Ash settles on: Royalston 'People On The Ground (feat. Hannah Joy)'

Ash: "I'm privileged to have been so closely involved in Med School throughout it's amazing 10 year history but sadly I'm leaving Hospital Records next month, so I'm choosing the title track from Royalston's epic second album People On The Ground as it will be the last Med School project that I have worked on (other than the forthcoming Ten Years of Med School compilation). Our friend from Sydney has been responsible for some of the most forward-thinking and sonically-impressive music in the label's catalogue, plus he's a top bloke and an incredibly talented visual artist too. Check out the stunning 'I Saw The Face...' music video and the sleeves of both his albums to see his handiwork!

Blu Mar Ten fixes: Fracture & Neptune 'Sky Song'

Blu Mar Ten: "It's a tough choice but I'm going with 'Sky Song' because it's got that lovely lo-fi '70s fusion feel to it."

Friday 19th February

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