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Andhim list 10 German artists they’ve been inspired by

Andhim make electronic music with a disposition for pop. It’s a brazenly fun style of club music the Cologne duo have dubbed “super house”, but their musical roots stem from outside of 4/4. While Simon Haehnel cut his teeth scratching hip-hop as a teenager, Tobias Müller started his career as part of the turntablism band Noisy Stylus in the early 2000s, winning competitions like the DMC championships. These days, their staunch love for hip-hop can be heard in their sample-heavy house tracks, both those they’ve released on labels like Get Physical and Terminal M, and the string of newer releases propping up their own Superfriends imprint. They were also heavily influenced by a bunch of German electronic producers on their route from hip-hop to club-based sounds, and ahead of making their debut with us at Forms next weekend, they highlighted some of the tracks that have had the greatest impact on their sound.

Justus Köhncke – Timecode [Kompakt]

A real Cologne hero with one of the most defining tracks of Kompakt Records.

Blumfeld – Tausend Tränen Tief (DJ Koze Präsentiert Blumfeld / Steve Bug Loverboy Remix) [Yo Mama’s Recording]

The first time I noticed a mix of two totally different genres in techno music. Here is Blumfeld, a German indie-folk band, mixed with Steve Bug's Loverboy. A super weird combination that makes a beautiful new song.

Erobique – Easy

One of Germany's most funny and diverse musicians. His improvised songs and cover tracks are unique and just makes you want to dance and smile.

Ian Pooley – 900 Degrees [V2]

Ian was a big influence when we were younger because he would just make amazing music, regardless of any genres or expectations.

Jürgen Paape – So Weit Wie Noch Nie [Kompakt]

Another German classic from Kompakt. The Cologne sound of the early 2000s had a deep impact on us.

La! Neu? – Blue feat. Yvi [Captain Trip]

David Bowie called them “the soundtrack of the 80s”, and this pretty much sums it up. Their drummer was also a member of Kraftwerk.

Rekorder – Rekorder 10.1 [Rekorder]

Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft – Als Wär's Das Letzte Mal = Asd If It Were The Last [Virgin]

Besides Kraftwerk, they were probably the most influential German band in electronic music, and a blueprint for a lot of other artists.

Noisy Stylus – Summertime [Beatz Aus Der Bude]

Tobias’ old scratch band Noisy Stylus had a big influence on what we do. To create music through scratching is probably the most creative form of making music there is. It's the true art of DJing, and an art form most of the DJs today have no idea about at all.

Booka Shade – Darko [Get Physical]

Booka Shade were such a huge inspiration for us back in the day. Their album Movements is probably one of the best electronic music albums of all time. They created such a signature sound, which has never really been imitated.

Friday 21st June

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