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Answer Code Request's Influences Playlist

Techno heads may already be familiar with Answer Code Request’s more straight up work under his birth name, Patrick Gräser, under which he’s been releasing and performing live since 2008. After scoring a place on Norman Nodge’s Berghain 6 mix compilation this year it’s no surprise to learn that he’s linked to the celebrated venue and label. His friendship with Marcel Dettmann has lead him to releases on Dettmann’s MDR label and remixing Skudge (our personal favourite work to date). Over a two part EP release his sounds have become more concentrated but maintain the organic palette of the first releases with Gräser producing techno tools that feel like they’re set to be deployed in the annals of the techno world well into the future.

Hearing the 90’s era, IDM edge in Answer Code Request’s first material is what prompted us to ask him to share his inspirations. We were sure there were going to be some special tracks to be unearthed in such a list – and with most of it a nod to UK electronica that harks back to the output of Skam Records and of course featuring the greatest hero of the era, Aphex Twin, with his classic track ‚ ‘Analogue Bubblebath 1’ we weren’t far wrong.

Kicking things off is Mark Pritchard (aka Harmonic 33 or one half of Africa Hitech) who’s responsible for the leading track under his previous alias Link and then Shed’s also representing with Moderat for a contemporary digestion of this vibe. The internet's most famous of all the Twitter techno stars, The Black Dog, also make an appearance with their all-time classic track, ‘Virtual‘, serving as extra proof of where things came from with their decisive references to hardcore and jungle within UK techno.

The influence of this school of artists and labels is something that fellow Berliner Steffi has also cited as a catalyst for her journey into techno but it’s not often acknowledged in such depth as it is in this list; throughout our history of interviewing the many artists who pass through our doors, it’s mainly (and rightly) Detroit that gets the nod. So thank you Answer Code Request, for allowing us to share this perspective on your sound and prompt us to revisit a golden time for the then burgeoning sound of techno on this side of the Atlantic.

1. Link - The Augur
This track takes me back to the 90’s. Just epic!

2. Stasis – Point Of No Return
One of the favourites from B12. A must-have in any case for fans of the classic collection.

3. B12 – Magnetic Fields
Discovered this gem not too long ago and has rooted in an instant into my personal list.

4. 69(Carl Craig) - Poi Et Pas (Original Version)
Harmonious and groovy. With the delay effect added as a layer, this classic is good to go on my dj set always. I remember that I nailed two copies that time!

5. The Black Dog – Virtual
The Black Dog was probably dreaming of the future when they made this. The title says it all, ’Virtual’. Sounds still fresh after 23 years!

6. Boards of Canada – Everything You Do is a Balloon
Perfect for the road or simply listening pleasure. Best release from Skam Records.

7. Moderat – Rusty Nails
The briliant Moderat. Music magnifique.

8. Shed – Ithaw
Outstanding beats. Timeless!

9. Burial – Forgive
Bought his self-titled album at Hardwax, could be the darkest and stirring album ever.

10. AFX ‎– Analogue Bubble Bath EP Vol I
It’s undeniable that Richard D. James is one of the best producer around. The biggest influence to my production he is.

Answer Code Request will be making his live debut in Room Two on the 15th of December with Marcel Dettmann and Anthony Parasole. For more info and tickets click here.

Saturday 15th December

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