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Bobby. selects eight definitive Room One records

After a stellar 2018, Bobby Connolly has continued to make waves in London’s underground scene. 2019 brought his official welcome to the fabric family and, this June, he released a new EP with Adam Curtain as Extra Terrestrial on Curtain’s own Trouble Maker imprint. His predilection for heady house, electro and techno makes him a perfect candidate to bring the disco into its third decade and we can’t wait to hear the more reduced, hypnotic cuts he has in store for this weekend. He joins John Dimas and Raresh for a night of loopy, swirling minimalism peppered with breaky, syncopated groovers.

Bobby.’s upcoming set is doubly special: it will be both his first appearance as an official resident and his Room One debut. To mark the occasion, Bobby. has picked out some of the tracks that have defined Room One for him and made it the hallowed space it is today.

Ron Trent - Altered States

For me this track by Ron Trent really encapsulates the sound of Room One when it’s in full swing. It’s hypnotic, driving and constantly propelling forward as each element enters the mix, but also somehow manages to be super atmospheric and celestial at the same time. Bound together by the raw 1990 production techniques. Perfect unity in the dance.

Lazy Fat People - Low Profile

One of those simple, but really well-produced tracks that totally comes to life on the right soundsystem. It’s a weird record that really needs to be played at the right time for maximum impact. I can’t remember who played it but I do remember when the bass roared it felt like the soundsystem was about to swallow the club whole.

Ricardo Villalobos - 808 The Bassqueen

This was the first time I saw Ricardo at fabric. It was a really amazing night, encapsulated by him playing this late into the morning session. A masterpiece that has never sounded better than in Room One.

Mathew Jonson - Decompression

This tune reminds me of when I went to one of my first fabric birthdays, and it was also the first time I’d seen Mathew Jonson play live. He absolutely blew my mind. I had a bit of a preconception about live sets, and this totally shattered it. The sound was unbelievable and his energy was incredibly infectious. There are plenty of Mathew's tracks I could mention here but it’s this one that really stood out that night.

Richard Wolfsdorf - Bosch

Another Ricardo track, this time under his Richards Wolfsdorf alias. I remember when me and my friend Joe found this track about 10 years ago. We were obsessed with it and would make daily searches online for a copy. We went to fabric a few weeks later when Ricardo was there and sure enough he played it. It sounded so incredible and we were buzzing to hear it loud. That earworm bass line is the perfect mix of euphoria and despair. A never-ending spiral in which you’re not sure whether your going up or down.

Luciano & Quenum - Orange Mistake

I wasn’t old enough to be in the club when this came out, but I can imagine when it did it was getting an airing most weekends. When I started hitting clubs in London and Ibiza around 2006 this was still getting caned all the time, especially fabric. It’s got all the eccentric elements to set Room One alight in those early hours.

Transparent Sound - Punk Mother Fucker

For electro moments in Room One it doesn’t really get any better than this. The 808 groove, bass line and b-boy vocal will have the whole club screwfacing, but the real jewel in the crown is the atmospheric pads that come in around the middle third. Just when everyone thought they knew what was going on this takes it to a whole new stratosphere. A truly amazing record, and one that won’t sound better than in our temple.

Schatrax - Mispent Years

I remember hearing Craig play this as his last track at fabric some years back and it has stuck with me ever since. This tune is so deep. It’s pure emotion. The feeling for me sits someone between departure and arrival, but all with the overarching feeling that it’s all going to be OK. See you in Room One on 6th July! xx

Saturday 6th July

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