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Hucci's Great Modern Hip Hop/R&B Tracks Straight Outta Canada

On Friday 15th January, Hucci will take to Room One alongside the likes of Sub Focus and Hospitality's Maduk and Krakota. Famed for his intense but seductive sound as well as his serious penchant for rap vocals, Hucci, who's actually from sunny sunny Brighton, might be a relatively upcoming name inside of the UK but across the pond he's of high notoriety. In just a few years he's dropped an array of party-fuelled music, including three studio albums while also making his way across the world's club and festival circuit a few times over.

Though championing that incendiary 808 sound as well as dabbling in a few different variations of bass fuelled music over the years, when we asked if the he wouldn't mind contributing to our ongoing Crate Diggin' series, the trap hero decided to dedicate his to the stalwarts of Canadian hip hop and R&B. A sound that is no doubt of heavy influence to his current persuasion (listen out for the plethora of Rick Ross and Drake samples in his music), the Brighton based selector also produced a number of hip hop beats early on in his now prolific career.

Wondagurl - The North

Hucci: In my opinion she's one of the hardest hip-hop producers around right now. This nearly blew my head off the first time I heard it.

Illangelo feat. St Barthe - In My Head

Never heard anything like this before. A weird one but cool.

The Weeknd - Outside

This is one of my favourite songs by The Weeknd. Off the mixtape Echoes of Silence. The instrumental's made by Illangelo, sampling 'Go Outside' by Cults.

Eestbound - Refuge

Another gifted producer from Toronto.



Redway - YKTO

A great sound out of Mississauga. This one is produced by Wondagurl. Sad to say I only heard about his music once he passed. R.I.P. Redway.

The Weeknd - Wanderlust (Pharrell Remix)

Drake - 5AM in Toronto

Can't really make this list and not include Drake. I think this song is a good representation of how he can rap. Produced by fellow Toronto native Noah "40" Shebib.

Friday 15th January

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