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Joey Anderson’s five New York house tips

Throughout the history of music, new genres and styles have always been tied to certain areas. New York was famously part of the beginnings of dance music as we know it, but beneath the surface the area continues to be a source of inspiration for many producers.

In the last decade, the city has been a haven for a new style of sultry and emotive house. One of the sound’s biggest champions is Joey Anderson. Often linked to guys like Levon Vincent and Fred P, the New Jersey-based producer is just one of a group of underground artists that have shaped New York’s taste for the deep. Ahead of his appearance alongside Osunlade and Culoe De Song at Kemet Deep Sessions this Saturday, he sent us a list of favourites that showcase New York’s thriving house scene.

I Wonder (Louie Vega Roots Mix) – Sean McCabe & Nathan Adams [Good Vibrations]

I feel it’s safe to say “vocals” have always been part of New York house music’s DNA. If there is one master that captures this, it has to be Louie Vega. A great mix that captures the urban soul that resonates joy.

Let It Burn Away – Josh Milan [Honeycomb Music]

Spirituality might be New York and New Jersey’s greatest highlight. I’m also a huge fan of Josh Milan. There are crazy Jersey feelings to this track.

Panamarama (Joe Claussell’s Harvest Remix) – Panama Keys [Uzuri]

Loving this Joe Clausell mix. It has the type of piano keys I love so much. It also sticks to one vibe using jazz and organic drum settings.

To The Music (DJ QU Rmx) – Willie Graff & Tuccillo [Isgud]

Disco has always been part of NY club life. DJ QU pulls of a great edit here. It’s a great record for peak time energy – it’s full of it, and really captures where the party can go.

Temple Movements (Main Mix) – Adam Rios & Ruben Toro Present Temple Movements [Vega]

I’ve been listening to a lot of Adam Rios lately. Great artist, his music defines deep. Top tunes!

Saturday 8th September

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