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Lee Burridge picks 14 All Day I Dream anthems

There’s no party quite like All Day I Dream. Since its early beginnings in Brooklyn and its surrounding neighbourhoods, Lee Burridge’s infamous daytime sessions have attracted one of dance music’s most dedicated followings.

A big reason for this is the musical ethos Burridge and his close affiliates have built All Day I Dream upon. “It was really important to go back to the idea of the party having anthems”, Burridge says. In other words, if you go to All Day I Dream you’re guaranteed a serving of grandiose tunes in an even grander setting, filled with the big moments that party goers crave and remember.

While Burridge has his own long history with us as part of Tyrant, this Sunday he returns for our first XX session with the after dark arm of his much-loved party, All Day I Dream A.D. Ahead of their Room One takeover in celebration of our 20-year anniversary, Burridge sent over a list of some of the essential anthems that have sound tracked All Day I Dream over the years.

Für Die Liebe – Matthew Dekay & Lee Burridge [All Day I Dream]

Pretty much a classic piece with a groove. What a way to watch the sun go down from a rooftop in Brooklyn. Matthew had never been to All Day I Dream when he wrote this, so everything was conjured up from my description of the magic.

Island feat. Caro (Nôze Swimming Circles RMX) – Dapayk & Padberg feat. Caro [Mo’s Ferry Prod.]

Not really about dancing. A lot of hugging of friends and twirling in circles took place on numerous occasions over the party’s first few summers.

The Cabinet – Dubshape [All Day I Dream]

This one landed on the label thanks to Francis and Tony, and has been a staple since.

Deep Burnt – Pépé Bradock [Kif]

When the event began it was really important to go back to the idea of the party having anthems. The strings and smoothness of the vibe make hairs (arm, not head) stand up every single time.

Lost In A Moment – Matthew Dekay & Lee Burridge [Innervisions]

The title says it all. Debuted in New York, it's a magical tale of moments where you close your eyes and float off into the ether.

Paper Moon – 51 Days [Touché]

Another all-time classic. The day Raze's Break 4 Love loop got dropped over the top it took not one, but two, tracks to new heights. The patience in this track made it perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon under the sun. The whole crowd screaming. One of my all-time favourite tracks.

Only Memory Is A Good One – Klute [Commercial Suicide]

This one goes right back to the beginning. Melodic, deep, and dreamy with a pinch of melancholy.

Dead Room – Kollektiv Turmstrasse [Cocoon]

These guys were institutional in my desire to play musical music to people again. Inspired. This one is a little less well-known, but brings patience and amazing production to the table. The warmth of this track just gives me tingles.

Deep Blue (Stimming Mix) – D Dub [Takt]

Our parties are a rollercoaster ride of energy and this one is just fun. All Day I Dream always tries to move hips – try not to to this one if you can.

Lux Dementia – Afrilounge [Connaisseur]

Another long-term favourite at the party. There's something really magical about the breakdown and the groove. From our beach parties to the stark cityscapes, it rounds the edges.

Dida – Sébastien Léger [All Day I Dream]

Sébastien came on board the label and instantly made his mark. This one employs classic strings with a delicate groove that somehow ends up being way more than the sum of its parts.

Milk & Honey – Good Guy Mikesh & Filburt [liebe*detail spezial]

I finished so many events with the one. We’ve always tried to use the best sound possible at my events and the bass frequencies in Milk & Honey shook Bushwick. No one knows what the hell they are singing but tears and smiles were the result time and time again.

Dayz – Mathew Jonson [Crosstown Rebels]

Mathew makes grooves that can go on forever and ever. This actually happened in New York once. As a 9-minute track it's ideal to run off to the bathroom to. I didn't notice I'd looped a section of the beginning of the track. When I got back the track was still in its first minute. No one notices. The loop is THAT good... and, the 18-minute version was born.

Last Day – Kollektiv Turmstrasse [Diynamic]

Another KT track that just brings happiness to the crowd. Screaming. Hooting. Hands waving. Hips swaying. Killer.

Lingala – Lee Burridge & Lost Desert feat. Junior [All Day I Dream]

It's amazing to get to work tracks over multiple parties. This one became an ADID classic in New York a few years ago before we released it a year on. Junior singing it live in the US was something I'll never forget.

Sunday 27th January

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