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Matrix & Futurebound present an essential guide to Viper

There aren’t many drum & bass artists who share a closer relationship than Matrix and Futurebound. The UK duo have been one of the sound’s most esteemed DJ duos since the mid 2000s, and while they’ve both put out countless acclaimed releases as solo artists, much of their best work has come from their collaborative studio sessions. Whenever they join forces, their records always drop through their respective imprints Metro and Viper, and similarly they almost always share the decks once they step into the club. The pair are also back for Viper’s 15th birthday showcase this Friday, so ahead of joining us, they sent over an essential guide to the leading label.

Matrix & Futurebound – Coast to Coast feat. Louis Smith

The pair of us always combine our labels when releasing our music, and this is one of the tracks that laid the foundations for us to go on to write more vocal-led songs in the years to come. It still feels like we made this yesterday, one of those records that has you locked from the off, and Louis' punk rock vocals were the icing on the cake. Look out for more new music on Metro soon.

Nero – Do You Wanna

Another monster jam taken from the first Acts Of Mad Men album in 2009. At the time you couldn’t go to any D&B event on the planet without hearing this. One of the tracks which really put Nero on the map. Hold tight for Acts Of Mad Men Volume Two dropping in December.

Sigma – Dawn Alarm

A superb DJ tool from the Sigma boys which you could mix with for days.

Fred V & Grafix – Just A Thought

A defining moment for Fred V & Grafix, combining the perfect balance of feel-good, uplifting vocals layered over a driving guitar-led instrumental.

ShockOne – Light Cycles

Sheer class from start to finish. Hairs on the back of your neck stuff from Viper's first exclusive signing.

Cyantific – Colour In The Shadows feat. Benji

Cyantific is an unsung hero of our genre. A guy who can switch between producing all out bangers and then write ultra fucking cool vocal records like this.

Matrix & Futurebound – Tardis

One of my favourite tracks that we've made in recent times on our Metro/Viper label collaboration. One for the swingers!

Brookes Brothers – Crackdown

Another legendary D&B act who Viper unearthed. This is tech D&B beauty is a pure DJ weapon.

The Prototypes – Lights (Kill The Silence)

Taken from their debut single when signing to Viper, the guys had fallen out of love with the record and weren't keen on it being on the single with Pale Blue Dot, but I was never letting this one go. One of their all-time career-defining records. If it ever gets tricky on the dancefloor for any DJ, this will always save the day!

Dossa & Locuzzed – Stoned Love

Cheeky as fuck from Viper's latest dynamic duo. They have their debut artist album dropping soon on Viper which contains pure gold.

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