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Misanthrop outlines five key musical influences

It’s never easy to tell what to expect from Misanthrop, the Neosignal figurehead behind some of the most innovative drum & bass records of the last decade. Alongside his close contemporaries Phace and Noisia, the German producer helped spawn a radical new subgenre, twisting techstep into an altogether different beast that became known as neurofunk. The sound has been adopted by many of today’s young drum & bass producers, though its roots will always be traced back to these guys. For his most recent endeavour, Misanthrop has just dropped Analog, an instrumental-led LP that focuses heavily on melodies and composition. Inventive and ultra-polished, it hints at a range of influences that belie his drum & bass roots – techno, electronica and Krautrock among them. He showed us further how far his tastes span for our latest Crate Diggin’ feature, which lands just in time for his appearance at Neosignal’s massive 10-year celebrations in Room Two next weekend.

Dominik Eulberg – Teddy Tausendtod (Stephan Bodzin 'Flamingo' Remix) [Traum]

The first time I listened to this track, it literally blew me away. I love the vibe, the melody and the arrangement. It´s such a timeless piece of music. I never get tired listening to it.

Cliff Martinez – Will She Come Back (Solaris OST) [Superb]

I always have Cliff Martinez’s Solaris soundtrack with me on my mobile. This is the perfect companion for travelling.

Rekorder – Rekorder 0 [Rekorder]

For me, this track has all the ingredients of the minimal tech genre. The great thing is, it´s from 2005 and it doesn´t sound like it at all. No wonder! Rekorder is the alias of Stephan Bodzin, Oliver Huntemann and Jan Langer.

Moderat – A New Error [BPitch Control]

This is a track that inspires me to write music right away when I listen to it. It transports so much energy for me. There´s not much to add, just listen and let it sink in.

Jon Hopkins – Open Eye Signal [Domino]

One of those tracks you listen to and totally fade into another world. Jon Hopkins' soundscapes and arrangements are always so fresh and inspirational. The synergy of the video and the music always lets me catch myself out sitting there, staring at the screen with an open mouth...

Friday 29th November

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